Seasoned Banker Ajay Kanwal charts a new career path



23 June 2017, Singapore: Ajay Kanwal, an Indian born Singaporean, has been appointed as Senior Advisor for Texas Pacific Group (TPG), Singapore. He has recently also been appointed as Senior Advisor for Mastercard. In addition, he has been nominated as the Chairman of the Audit and risk committee at the Yellow Ribbon fund. It is the first and only national charitable fund in Singapore devoted towards the development and implementation of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for ex-offenders and their families.
Mr. Kanwal has been in the banking industry for 27 years and has worked across most geographies in Asia with consumer and commercial banking being his core skills. Ajay has spent a large part of his career being a successful consumer banker at Standard Chartered Bank and is well versed with the banking payment business.
Ajay has extensive experience in managing risk and processes while being client centric and driving an innovation agenda. Some of his key achievements include rejigging the business models to create a sustainable and compliant business for banks focusing on wealth, cross border and strong risk/ reward trade off. He created strong brand awareness with the launch of FT-SCB Economic summit, SCB Taiwan marathon and provided a unique charity of providing employment for the blind. He also helped create the first fully digitized process for consumer banking products which was first in market and adopted globally by the bank.
Previously, he has undertaken various roles at Standard Chartered Bank such as the regional CEO-ASEAN and South Asia, Regional CEO-North East Asia, CEO- Taiwan, Regional Head Consumer Banking- South East Asia, Head Consumer Banking- Singapore, Head Consumer Banking-Thailand, etc.

Amway India introduces new variants of Deodorants


Targeted at youth who sweat out and enjoy their hectic lifestyle


New Delhi, June 13, 2017Amway India, the country’s leading direct selling FMCG Company, has rejuvenated its deodorant portfolio by introducing 2 new variants of fragrances. The company has launched one new fragrance under the brand Dynamite, targeted at men, and one new fragrance under the brand Attitude, targeted at women. Priced at Rs 270 per 250ml both the new Deodorants, have been dermatologically tested and offer a refreshing fragrance.


Amway India had earlier expanded its Deodorant portfolio by launching 5 fragrances–3 fragrances under Dynamite, targeted at men and 2 fragrances under the brand Attitude targeted at women.


Speaking on the occasion, G.S. Cheema, Sr. Vice President – North and East, Amway India said, the Burgeoning Deodorant market is evolving fast with new innovative products. Keeping this in mind, we had rejuvenated our deodorant portfolio with 5 new fragrances in 2016 to create excitement amongst youth who lead and enjoy a fast and hectic lifestyle. These new fragrances have been well accepted by the consumers. We are adding 2 more fragrances now and we aim to refresh the range at frequent intervals,” added G.S. Cheema.


The new Dynamite fragrance for men is christened ‘Air’ while the Attitude fragrance is named ‘Spell’. The differentiated, youthful and bold packaging, amplified by vibrant mix of colors, design and graphics, reflects the ethos of each of the fragrances. Attitude Spell will cast a spell on others with its fruity & floral notes while the new Dynamite Air draws men with its refreshing citric fragrance notes.


The company is launching a series of activities including training and experiential initiatives to promote the new range of deodorants amongst the distributors and consumers across the country across all Amway outlets as well as social media. This training is a crucial element for Amway as it helps the distributors educate, guide and recommend products to the end consumer.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan launches the music of Vikram Phadnis’ Hrudayantar!

Vikram Phadnis who is gearing up for the release of his debut directorial venture, Hrudayantar is overwhelmed with the humongous response the film’s trailer has been receiving from the movie aficionados.
While superstar Hrithik Roshan launched the movie trailer last week, the gorgeous and talented actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently launched the music of the emotional drama held at a suburban multiplex.
When Vikram spoke to Aishwarya regarding the music launch, she was happy to be part of the event. The popular designer-turned-filmmaker shares a great rapport with the global superstar and their association goes back a long way.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan says, “Hrudayantar is a celebration of life but I also see it as a beautiful, sensitive and emotional journey which is the way life is. It’s a huge honour to be proud of the musical celebration.”
Vikram Phadnis says, “Music in Hrudayantar has been very important from the time we started the shoot. The songs and background score has uplifted the film in so many ways. Aishwarya launching the music of Hrudayantar was special. I have worked with her since so many years and she has been an integral part of my journey in films.”
“Some relationships go beyond clothes… Aishwarya is someone who I have always loved and respected and her launching my music only made it a happier and memorable evening!” Vikram adds.
Presented by  A Young Berry Entertainment, Imtiaz Khatri and Vikram Phadnis Productions in association with Toabh Entertainment, Hrudayantar is an emotional drama featuring popular Marathi actors including Subodh Bhave, Mukta Barve and Sonali Khare. The film releases on 7th July, 2017.




[Annual] meeting convenes global network of cities and countries committed to improving road safety, furthers Michael R. Bloomberg’s efforts to combat injuries as WHO Global Ambassador

June 8, 2017: NEW YORK, USA – Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety will convene 150 road safety experts from 17 countries in Mumbai, India, from June 7 to 9 to address one of the world’s leading causes of preventable death. Nearly 85 percent of the world’s countries lack adequate laws to counter the growing rates of traffic-related deaths and injuries. As a result, an estimated 1.3 million deaths and 20 to 50 million injuries occur every year, with 90 percent of these fatalities occurring in low- and middle-income countries. 

Government officials, non-governmental stakeholders, law enforcement and other partners will convene in Mumbai to share best practices and learnings since last year’s meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

“The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has been a great partner in tackling road safety challenges, an urgent issue in India and across the world,” said Dr. Kelly Henning, director of the public health program at Bloomberg Philanthropies. “Without action, road traffic crashes will become the seventh leading cause of death globally by 2030. We look forward to gathering this week to learn about initiatives that have been effectively implemented here and to help achieve progress on road safety globally.”

This year’s meeting will include workshops designed to share lessons learned and the most effective prevention strategies. Sessions will focus on law enforcement, communications to inform the public on safer road use and change their behavior, new technology and innovation in road safety, and new case studies on cities and countries that have implemented successful strategies. Participants include representatives of Mumbai city government, the World Bank, World Health Organization and Bloomberg Philanthropies, among others.

Along with its partners, Bloomberg Philanthropies has been a leader in developing and helping implement interventions to prevent traffic crash deaths, including increased seat-belt and helmet use, speed reduction, drinking and driving reduction, safe sustainable urban transport, and improved road infrastructure. Bloomberg Philanthropies Founder Michael R. Bloomberg currently serves as World Health Organization Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs), working to raise awareness about NCDs and injuries and get more governments to take stronger action to combat them.

In 2015, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched phase two of the Initiative for Global Road Safety to address road traffic safety in 10 cities, including Mumbai, as well as Accra, Addis Ababa, Bandung, Bangkok, Bogota, Fortaleza, Ho Chi Minh City, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai; five countries, including India, China, Philippines, Tanzania, and Thailand; and three vehicle market regions, including India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, with the primary goal of reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested $259 million since 2007 to implement interventions that have been proven to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries in low- and middle-income cities and countries. Since Bloomberg Philanthropies began funding proven road safety interventions:

•        More than 3.36 billion have been covered by strengthened road safety laws;

•        More than 93 million people have been exposed to hard-hitting media campaigns promoting road safety;

•        More than 66,000 professionals have been trained on road safety tactics;

•        Governments have committed $5.3 billion towards infrastructure improvements that will make roads safer; and

•        Approximately 125,000 lives will be saved through Bloomberg-supported road safety activities.

The Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety supports leading global road safety organizations to work with the cities and countries to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries. Partners include:

•        Global Health Advocacy Incubator

•        Global Designing Cities Initiative 

•        Global New Car Assessment Programme

•        Global Road Safety Partnership

•        Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

•        Vital Strategies

•        World Bank Global Road Safety Facility

•        World Health Organization

•        World Resources Institute


For more information, visit:

CaratLane opens its store in Mumbai at Infiniti Mall

(left to right) Mr. Vipin Nair , Associate Vice President - Offline Marketing, Ms...jpg


CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jeweller has opened its 3rd store in MumbaiMetropolitan Region, at Infiniti Mall, Malad West. For a brand that’s on a mission to democratize access to jewellery, this store launch, the 19th in the country, is another step forward in expanding its retail footprint and making its jewellery more accessible.


Situated at one of the most happening malls in the suburban area, this outpost of CaratLane – a Tanishq partnership, is designed to usher in a uniquely smart jewellery buying experience. “We are extremely proud to launch our second store in Mumbai which exudes an unrivalled aura. This store has a cosy decor, open door, bright setting and lots of warmth to offer,providing the perfect setting for a truly memorable jewellery buying experience. The store also houses a Solitaire Corner and the virtual try-on ‘magic mirror’ for those ‘just looking’ moments. Our store here is a testament to our commitment to make modern, affordable jewellery increasingly accessible.” Mithun Sacheti, Founder & CEO CaratLane said, while speaking about the launch.


“We believe that jewellery should be for everyone and not for a select few. Through our StreamLane™ system, we eliminate inefficiencies from the supply chain resulting in savings of up to 20% over traditional retailers that we pass on to our customers” Mr. Sacheti further added.


Store Address: Infiniti Mall, GF 041, Upper Ground Floor, No.504, New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400064

Store Contact No: +91 9920222500



WHAT’SUP लग्न चित्रपटाचा मुहूर्त


‘व्हॅाट्सअप’ आणि ‘लग्न’ या दोन्ही गोष्टी म्हणजे आजच्या तरूणाईचा जिव्हाळ्याचा विषय. या दोनही बाबतीत आजची पिढी अतिशय जागरूक आणि संवेदनशील आहे. तरूणाईचा हाच दृष्टीकोन WHAT’SUP लग्न या आगामी चित्रपटातून आपल्यासमोर येणार आहे. फिनक्राफ्ट मिडीया अॅण्ड एन्टरटेंन्मेंट प्रा. लि आणि व्हिडिओ पॅलेस प्रस्तुत या चित्रपटाचा मुहूर्त नुकताच अभिनेते नाना पाटेकर यांच्या हस्ते संपन्न झाला. जाई जोशी यांनी WHAT’SUP लग्न या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती केली असून विश्वास जोशी या चित्रपटाचे दिग्दर्शन करणार आहेत.

‘नटसम्राट’ चित्रपटाची निर्मिती करणाऱ्या विश्वास जोशी यांच्या दिग्दर्शकीय इनिंगला नाना पाटेकर यांनी याप्रसंगी मन:पूर्वक शुभेच्छा दिल्या. वैभव तत्ववादी, प्रार्थना बेहरे, विक्रम गोखले, वंदना गुप्ते, विद्याधर जोशी, ईला भाटे, वीणा जगताप, आदि कलाकारांच्या या चित्रपटात भूमिका आहेत.

WHAT’SUP लग्न चित्रपटाची कथा विश्वास जोशी, अभिराम भडकमकर यांची असून पटकथा, संवाद विश्वास जोशी, मिताली जोशी, अश्विनी शेंडे यांचे आहेत. चित्रपटाची गीते क्षितीज पटवर्धन, अश्विनी शेंडे यांनी लिहिली आहेत. संगीत निलेश मोहरीर व ट्रॅाय आरिफ यांचं आहे. नृत्यदिग्दर्शन फुलवा खामकर यांचं आहे. छायांकन श्रीराम सेतूरामन यांचं असणार आहे.


जिव्हाळ्याच्या गोष्टी नेहमीच सुखद अनुभव देतात. WHAT’SUP लग्नसुद्धा निश्चितच एक रंजक अनुभव देईल.

Ozone Pharma brings DFO 4X Gel – An Advanced Topical Analgesic for Fast Relief from Pain and Inflammation

 June 8, 2017:  Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of India’s premium Pharmaceutical companies brings its latest topical pain reliever product – DFO 4X Gel that aligns with the brand’s motto of ‘Pain Eradication’ [Pain Elimination]. In sync with offering this new and innovative product, the brand launched a campaign in May, 2017; named, ‘Dard Baanton Nahi, Mitao’, addressing the consumers’ common pain points such as injuries, muscle pain, sprains etc. The aim was to create an emotional connect with consumers’ agony and the brand. With an objective of‘eradicating’ the word pain from consumers’ life, the brand received an overwhelming response in the market, through this compelling campaign. Since the launch of this campaign, 70000 units of Ozone D.F.O. 4X Gel have been sold pan India – an incredible feat. It is noteworthy that, currently, DFO 4X Gel contributes about 12.5% to the company’s overall business.


With an efficacy rate of 31% faster than normal gels, DFO 4X Gel  is an effective and  efficient advanced topical pain relief product containing ‘high dose’ – Diclofenac Diethylamine 4.64 % for ‘Direct Acting’ deep penetration of theepidermis (outer most layer of the skin), which translates into ‘site-specific effect’  and instant pain and inflammation relief.


D.F.O. 4X Gel has superior efficacy without compromising safety in management of: osteoarthritis (oa) pain, acute musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, sprains and strains, sciatica pain, neck pain, back pain, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and repetitive sports injury; this efficacy and safety profile makes D.F.O. 4X Gel the most preferred product.


Key benefits of D.F.O. 4X Gel include:

–  D.F.O. 4X Gel is highly effective in treating short-term as well as long-term pain

–  D.F.O. 4X Gel works 4 times faster compared to conventional Diclofenac gels.

–  D.F.O. 4X is available in the form of gel and spray

–  D.F.O. 4X Gel is a niche product and caters to those who are looking for fast and lasting results without side effects and is affordably priced at INR 139/-

The Brand D.F.O. has a Range of five products, meant for all ages from children to the elderly. The other products offered by the brand include: D.F.O. Gel 30 g / 50 g (Rs 85), D.F.O. Nano Gel (Rs 90), D.F.O. Spray (Rs 120),D.F.O. Red (Rs 90)