“Ek Ka Dum – 1”















“Ek Ka Dum – 1” is an Action Film which is primarily based on the life of Rockstar Gautham (Superstar Mahesh Babu). Gautham has a massive fan following across the globe, but despite the fame and popularity amongst the millions of his fans, he still feels isolated and lonely and is in search of his identity. As a child, he had witnessed the gruesome murder of his parents by 3 men, when he was travelling on a bus to Goa, who he now does not clearly remember. Gautham often imagines talking and communicating with one particular murderer of his parents – Antonio Rosario (Kelly Dorji), who is an unethical Goa based Businessman. Since then, a few strange incidents convince him that the killers are on his trail.

Journalist Sameera (Kriti Sanon) is a welcome entity in Gautham’s life. She is the one who brings to light the fact that Gautham is actually imagining few things, which don’t really exist. Gautham holds great fascination for Sameera, right from the time he figures out that she was always trying to help him.

Eventually Gautham meets a cab driver (Nassar), who hands over a Rubik’s Cube along with a British coin and a Key, claiming Gautham’s father left those behind with him at the time of his death. Following the clues, Gautham & Sameera visit London, where one clue leads them to the other and together they set off on a revenge mission. Gautham’s revenge forms the crux of the story.

Film Information:

“1” (originally made in Telugu) is one of the most expensive movies made till date and has been made on a massive budget exceeding 75 Crores. The film has primarily been shot in London, Ireland, Bangkok and Goa.

“1” is also the highest rated Indian Film on IMDb (8.9) with 20,000+ votes and subsequently upon it’s release, even made it into the top 10 Action-Thriller Films of all time on IMDb, being the first Indian Film to achieve this rare feat. The film also embarked on a glorious start at the US Box office, fetching a massive $1Million in its opening weekend itself, one of the best openings ever for an Indian Film.


Name of Banner: RK Duggal Studios


Director: Sukumar



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