Hot Dog festival

Hot Dog festival gets more beveraged with Twenty Four Seven Convenience Store’s annual bonanza


Take your senses to an oasis of flavors at the Annual American Hot Dog Festival at Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores across Delhi/NCR. While ​adding convenience to consumers life, Twenty Four Seven ​is ​celebrating​24th July(24/7/2014) with an Exclusive American Hot dog 1+1​ offer with an added free beverage to go with it​.


Twenty Four Seven fulfills the cravings for a juicy, fatty and most calorie-laden fare with the cuisine they offer.


Assembled with distinctive breads made with Canadian hard winter wheat flour premix- provided by Baker Circle, these are one of the finest quality of Hot Dogs to be had.


The deal is open only on 24th July round the clock..​


Having more than 3500 products available in the store, people are feel extremely reliable when comes to midnight necessities. Twenty Four Seven has its in house Ready to eat preparations with having more than 20 ready to eat Indian products including Veg and Non veg dishes available round the clock.



Price for two –130 (1+1 special offer on all hot dogs + free beverage)

Address: Across all stores in Delhi and NCR  


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