Global Finance School (GFS)

Global Finance School (GFS) announces its advent in the Indian educational landscape

Empowering one and all with financial educationDan Farhi,Vice President, Business Development, Global Finance School

New Delhi, July 25, 2014: Global Financial Education (GFS), a digital platform that provides financial education solutions to universities, schools, corporations, libraries and individuals, announces its launch in the Indian market. GFS publishes two categories of products, namely e-books and interactive courses focussing on Finance, Management and Economics. The platform hosts both basic online courses as well as advanced courses, including MBA degrees. All products are written and designed by experts with more than 30 years of experience in financial literature.

With an expected investment of $2-3 million in the next three years, GFS anticipates a significant growth for itself in the India market. Estimates show that at least 15,000 students will enroll every year in the various courses GFS offers. Every student graduating in a programme from GFS shall be credited by ASIC UK.

Spokesperson GFS comments, “The educational landscape of the country has been witnessing major technological advancements. In sync with the worldwide trend, there has been significant expansion in terms of online degrees. This is because online education is more affordable and flexible for learners and it also offers a high level of education at low tuition fees. Our mission is to provide superlative digital education at the most competitive rates to all aspiring students and educational institutions.

GFS has entered into the Indian market with offerings tailored to suit the specific educational eco-system of the country. Within the next three years it aspires to become one of the leading
e-learning companies in India. GFS also plans to offer 500-700 scholarships worth $1million within the next one year. Students can expect a significant discount of more than 50% for the first six months of operations on the regular price for a large range of courses.  

With the belief that the rise in the demand for digital learning in India shall provide GFS with innumerable opportunities, the company is set to make inroads in the educational landscape by offering courses in different levels to the Indian population. Incorporated as GFS Interactive Inc. in the United States of America, the brand name Global Financial Services is a registered trademark.

About Global Finance School:

Global Finance School (GFS) is a leading e-learning company providing financial education solutions to universities, schools, corporations, libraries and individuals. The platform provides interactive courses and e-books in Finance, Management and Economics, written and designed by experts with more than 30 years of experience in financial literature.

The GFS e-books are illustrated and written in straightforward language. They can be used for self-learning or as complementary material to any type of formal education. The interactive courses include online lessons, accompanied with review questions, videos, web links and other activities. The GFS Online Learning Center enables tracking of progress and grades and enables institutional customers to add their logo and extra material to the learning environment.


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