The rise of the dual homes concept

 The rise of the dual homes concept


Dual Homes are a lifestyle.  In a modern global economy, work, entertainment, family, and leisure are reasons that take people from one place to another. In recent years, more and more people work in a certain place and have family in another.  More than one place has become home for many of us.  In this day and age, the new age home is no longer one home.  Many of us have more than one home, we have homes. Dual homes are equally operational and have now become a part and parcel of people working in metro cities and having homes in other cities. This concept has helped people to get more of ‘me’ time and attain a better Work Life balance.


And some of us are constantly living the dual home lifestyle.



People living close to the metros and capital cities are examples of the dual home lifestyle.  Entrepreneurs or business owners often have a head office and an operations office based out of two cities. And both cities become home, thus making it more convenient and easier



Dual homes require a sibling connection with two cities. Routes where people travel at large and juggle between two homes are Delhi- Chandigarh, Delhi- Sonipat, Delhi- Dehradun, Delhi- Aligarh, Delhi- Lucknow, Delhi- Kanpur, Delhi- Allahabad etc.



The changing times and modernized lifestyle of people is the main reason of mushrooming of the Dual Homes Concept.


People travel because of work

Categories of people who travel because of work: Senior officers in private companies and public companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, free lance professionals, and parents of children studying in boarding schools.


People travel because of weather

Summer home- Dehradun,

Winter home- Goa


People travel because of lifestyle

Weekday home- DelhI

Weekend home – Dehradun

 Or vice versa

People keep two homes because of their children

School time- Dehradun

Vacation time- Delhi



Possibilities and Advantages

1. People who can operate through virtual offices can spend time in a relaxed stress free atmosphere and travel for meetings as and when required

2. More time for family

3. More time for self

4. Better education options for children

5. Quality time with friends and older folk in the family



Cheaper and affordable to have large homes in tier two cities such as Dehradun in the best location without having to compromise on lifestyle or professional opportunity. This perhaps is one of the driving force for dual homes. People don’t wish to compromise their luxury and convenience at any cost and due to this reason dual homes are dwelling day by day



 In the age group of 32- 80 years

Moreover, working professional who have families away from the place they work, old people who have retired from their jobs to seek bliss and peace.


Choosing an ideal dual home destination

  1. Flight, train and road connectivity

2. Must be able to commute back and forth the same day

3. Must provide a change in environment

4. Distance must be comfortable

5. Must provide a holistic environment- nature, entertainment, business, medical/health care facilities and education


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