Rakhi Sawant

I want every woman to be independent and support herself   – Rakhi Sawant


7. Cyril Dsouza with Rakhi Sawantand Zeenat Qureshi  Distributing Sewing Machines  DSC_0349


The Bollywood Actress and philanthropist Rakhi Sawant along with Ehsaan and Zeenat Quereshi supports the cause of women empowerment an initiative by “Awaz Samajik Sanstha”of Cyril d’souza 

Exploring new territories actress Rakhi Sawant exhibited her noble side. After carving a niche for herself in the entertainment business she plans to spin her magic showcasing her noble side as she distributed a huge number over 100 sewing machines to women, an initiative by “Awaz Samajik Sanstha”of Cyril Dsouza ,The organisation ,Rakhi Understands the problems faced by every woman  Bollywood Actress and philanthropist Rakhi Sawant goes a mile further supporting women to the fullest.


Believing in equality , Rakhi Sawant left no stone unturned to wholeheartedly support towards women empowerment 


The moment I joined politics I swore to support the problems faced by common man. Abiding by those promises I would like to encourage women empowerment. Hence here I am solving a part of those problems” says the actress striving and motivating  the crowd to support the cause.


pix by : unnamed



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