Premier of ‘’ LAST BENCHERS ‘’

 Shakeel Hashmi, Er. Moreshwar Meshram, Prajakt Rebeloma
          The  premier of  Filmdukes Media Wave  Pvt.Ltd. presentation  ‘’ Last Benchers was happened at Cinemax Versova Andheri. The film is being produced by Er. Moreshwar Meshram and written-directed-edited by Prajakt Rebeloma. It has music by Bhupesh Sawai, Lyrics by Prajakt Rebeloma, Manishankar Biswas, Moreshwar Meshram and Cinematography by Sanket Galactus Rahul Khandare is executive producer.
It stars, Prajakt Rebeloma, Tanvi Lonkar, Dipak Harne, Sanket Galactus, Prashant Khalokar, Pooja Bhattad, Shriya Fule, . Moreshwar Meshram, Anirudh Wankar, Roshan Hukare, Ajay Lonare, Vijay Bhakte, Ritesh Mahajan and Piyush Bansod.

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