The National Management School

The National Management School has partnered with Broward College and University of South Florida to offer an American Associate degree and an American Bachelor’s degree to students from India.
3. Mr.Ravi Whabi (Director,West Campus) with  Mr.Thomas Vajda (Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai) Mr.Ravi Whabi (Director, West Campus)  DSC_5510 4. David Armstrong (President Broward College) with Jaspinder Narula & Gurpreet Kaur Chadha DSC_5695 5. Mr. Ravi Whabi (Director,West Campus) with  Kavitta Verma DSC_5240 7. Mr.Ravi Whabi (Director,West Campus) with Gurpreet Kaur Chadha (Founder & President Punjabi Global Foundation, Geenral Secretary   - Mumbai Mahila Congress Committee) DSC_5220 8. David Armstrong (President Broward College) felicitated DSC_5470 9. Mr.Thomas Vajda (Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai) Mr.Ravi Whabi (Director, West Campus)  felicitated DSC_5480 10. Aruna Jayanthi ( CEO, Capgemini India) felicitated by Mr. Ravi Whabi (Director,West Campus)  DSC_5486 11. David Armstong (President Broward College) addressing the Conference DSC_0299 12. Mr.Thomas Vajda (Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai)  addressing the audeince DSC_0108 13. Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Ravi Whabi, Jaspinder Narula, David Armstrong and Thomas Vajda (US Consul General - Mumbai ) DSC_5718 14. Jaspinder Narula DSC_0232 14. Jaspinder Narula with Husband DSC_5521 19. Pratap Ramchanda Dighavkar  (Dy. Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Mumbai)  DSC_5806 21. Mr. Ravi Whabi (Director,West Campus) DSC_5230 22. Mr.Thomas Vajda (Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai)   DSC_5214 23. Gurpreet Kaur Chadha  with Bibhash Chatterjee DSC_5222 24. Bibhash Chatterjee DSC_5173
A significant number of Indian students desirous of going to the United States of America for their undergraduate studies face the hurdle of financial constraints. Determined to work a way around this problem, National Management School (NMS0, Khar (W) launched an American Associate Degree program in association with Broward College and University of South Florida.
The “2+2” arrangement allows students to spend two of the total four years of their undergraduate degree in India, thereby bringing down the total cost by about 35%. On successful completion of two years of study in India, the students will be awarded an Associate Degree from Broward College following which they can proceed to the US & major in various disciplines like business, engineering, the science & various areas in liberal arts.
Thomas L Vajda, US-Consul General in Mumbai lauded the initiative as a channel to facilitate cultural exchange between the two countries. Encouraging Indian students to study in the US, he said, “Top leaders in the US & India have singled out education as a priority area of collaboration between the two nations. With over 113,000 Indian students currently studying in the US & an increasing number of US students choosing to study in India, this innovative program demonstrates how our countries can work together to help students meet their educational goals.”
Aruna Jayanthi, CEO (Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd) & Chief Invitee talked about Indian students from recruiter’s perspective. “We do have top quality talent in the country but the no. of such people is too little. Our management institutions need to focus on creating good managers & not just good students. Delving into variegated benefits of the course, Dr. Sankaran P Raghunathan, Dean (NMS) added, “Students will feel confident because they have a conditional admission into an American University when they enroll in our program.”





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