P.N. Gadgil Jewelers showcased their limited edition

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Huma Qureshi dazzled in an ensemble by designer Karn Malhotra at India Bullion And Jewelers Association Ltd. complementing exquisite pieces of luminary jewelers P. N Gadgil with the ravishing Huma Qureshi walking as the show stopper.

P.N. Gadgil Jewelers showcased their limited edition exquisite jewelry collection at India Bullion And Jewelers Association Ltd. complementing the scintillating outfits designed by brilliant designer Karn Malhotra.


Glitz and glamor, Gloss and shine; the high in glamor fashion show redefined the opulence of the cocktail gown in true Karn Malhotra’s style.

Spinning his magic at India Bullion And Jewelers Association, it’s time to find out about the reigning styles and silhouettes for fall fashion and embrace them with confidence. It’s almost time to bid adieu to the bright flip-flops and breezy cotton dresses and welcome the fall.

Karn Malhotra’s clothing line personifies royalty, grandeur & a larger than life picture, being the designer’s forte as a red carpet specialist. Karn Malhotra’s showcase saw Bollywood’s Diva Huma Qureshi as the showstopper wearing an emerald green ball gown with intricate silver & gold embellishments in vintage baroque free hand art form & quilted paneling. The showstopper outfit has been customized for Huma to showcase exquisite jewellery by P. N. Gadgil Jewellers. Huma adorned jewels in white gold, diamonds & emeralds to complement the outfit. The designs have been worked upon to make Huma look like a queen.

Adding to the merriment, winner of Demina Miss Diva; Parvathy Omanakuttan opened the show donning a shinning princessy gown and set the color wheels of fashion show rolling. Fashion industries’ fashion brigade showed in number comprising of Shamita Singha, Amruta Patki, Shobhita, Prachi Mishra, Pooja Vaidya, Dimple, Aanchal Oberoi, Hida Siddiqui and many more setting the new trends for the coming season of fall.

It rained fashion when designer Karn Malhotra presented an eclectic range of vintage to new age inspired  feminine silhouettes , showcasing the age old ball room gown and many more catering to women of all ages and tastes . The collection comprises of bodice and corsets embellished with baroque inspired free hand art by the designer himself. The color palette ranges from hues of white and gold with the showstopper adorning an emerald green gown it’s the rich color palette and the extravagant flow of fabric that add to the grandeur of this collection making it regal in all aspects- ‘Royale’.

Complementing his designs with splendid pieces of jewelry by PN Gadgil carrying the heritage of producing divine jewelry after conquering the diamond market now after being the king of gold market for so long, blending it with Karn Malhotra cocktail apparel line the audience is in for a fashion revolution. However opting for an unconventional way the alluring collection will consist of simple yet stylish silhouette going on to becoming the most desirable collection.

The story of P N Gadgil Jewellers is no fairy tale but an epic scripted meticulously by six generations of the Gadgil clan. While purity and transparency continue to earn the trust of scores of customers, what also sets the brand apart is the wide variety comprising of Gold necklaces, bangles, vedhnis, chains, mangalsutras, ear-rings, rings etc. Through various intricately crafted collections, the brand has distinct styles on offer. Their flagship heritage Collection has jewellery in polki, jadau, uncut diamonds and traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

Showcasing his collection at India Bullion And Jewelers Association Ltd, an elated Karn says I had Huma Qureshi walking as my show stopper and it’s an immense pleasure working with her. She is fun, vibrant and super sporting which is always great for any designer besides she has a very queen like aura which was apt to showcase a regal line of gems and clothing”


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