Harper’s Bazaar Bride Shoot

Designer Nikhil Thampi and Actress Sushmita Sen dazzle in Harper’s Bazaar Bride Shoot

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Mumbai, October 8th, 2014: The latest edition of popular magazine Harper’s Bazaar Bride features ex-Miss Universe and the stunning actressSushmita Sen making an exquisite editorial comeback with young designer Nikhil Thampi in their ‘Designer and Muse’ section.

The shoot is conceptualized by Nikhil with a theme of an Untamed Bride’ – an extension of his last collection and Sushmita Sen seemed to make an ideal fit. Her strong, bold, modern, rebellious, individualistic streak made her the perfect choice for such a concept.

Says Nikhil in an excerpt from the magazine interview, “She was an absolute delight to work with – so warm, encouraging and her vivacious energy is infectious. In fact, I was intimidated sharing the limelight with her but she made me feel completely at ease and would just light up as soon as the cameras started clicking. My singular thought in dressing her was for Sushmita Sen, the glamazon to over shadow Sushmita Sen, the actor and I think she did exactly that!”

Sushmita makes a dramatic comeback into the fashion space and looks gorgeous in Nikhil’s creations


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