Buying condom made easy!

Condoms are in vogue for the past 400 years and till date it remains to be the most convenient and most

popular methods of contraception in the world. There are number of condom brands available in the


But still, buying condoms from a store remains a nightmarish experience for men across the country,

though they have no issues about using the rubber for pleasure and safety. Stories of men travelling

to 5 kilometres or more to buy condoms are known to all of us, because they don’t want people in the

neighbourhood to brand them as ‘baddy’. Questions about embarrassment are regularly being discussed

in personal columns in magazines by sexologists.

Whatever said and done, embarrassment is still a big issue for many people in India.

But now, there is a convenient way to buy condoms without having to feel embarrassed about. Yes! Any

brand, any quantity at any time without having to disclose your identity.

Yes! offers an ideal platform to shop, order and receive condoms at your doorstep.

One can order any brand, any variety and any quantity at the click of a mouse. – Embarrassment-free platform for buying condoms

The online condom store sells almost all brands of condoms and all varieties of condoms available in

India. This navigation-friendly website allows the user to look at all available brands conveniently and

order the one he/she requires without having to disclose any personal information except mailing


What is the need for this website?

A recent nationwide survey by USAID among sexually active men confirms that most important barrier

to using condoms is the embarrassment of buying it from store. Condoms offer the most convenient

way to have safe sex. Incidence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is high in India partly

due to lack of knowledge about condoms and partly due to the inhibition to buy condoms. Condoms are

also used to get that extra pleasure during sex.

The site bridges the gap and offers an amazing solution to this big problem. The site offers an easy

access to the world of condoms and offers them an opportunity to buy condoms if required. The

complete discreetness in ordering, transaction and shipping encourages Indian youth to try condoms

when they want safe sex and extra pleasure during sex. In a way, the site indirectly helps in promoting

safe sex among Indian men and women.

The site also assumes greater significance in today’s scenario where the proliferation of internet and

mobile devices offer an overdose of sexual and porn content even to children. The site has a greater role

to do in the days to come.


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