Pocket films and Kala Ghoda Short Film Festival

Pocket films and Kala Ghoda Short Film Festival come together to encourage young film makers

~ Calls for entries for the Kala Ghoda Short Film Festivalthis year ~

Mumbai, November 2014: Pocket films associates itself with the 15th Kala Ghoda Art Festival to organise Kala Ghoda Short Film Festival. At a time when Mumbaikar’s head south for its annual fix of art and culture, cinema lovers have an added reason to throng to the festival to be a part of Pocket Film’s short film contest, both as a viewer and a participant. Pocket Films is calling for entries from young budding film makers as well as professional filmmakers.

Organized with an aim to not only promote and encourage an appreciation, awareness and understanding of cinema in the short film format, the festival is seeking out to bring out the creativity of India’s young talent and portray it on a wider tapestry before the global film industry. The festival also opens the doors for the winning films to reach out to audiences through screening and winning a certificate, prizes and accolades.

The films are invited under two theme categories – one that resonates with the current sentiment and cleanliness regime in the country, titled ‘Swachh Bharat’. The second categories is open for films under any other theme or topic since Pocket Films’ intent is to give wings to the creativity of film makers and give them a cultural window to reach out to the world with their imagination.

Pocket Films has added another aspect to encourage the young talent by offering them two types of submission options. The participants can either choose to submit entries in the short film contest alone or they can opt for a ‘contest + distribution’ category where contesting films also stand a chance to avail additional benefits such as distribution of their film to the worldwide audience through Pocket Films on winning at the Kala Ghoda Short Film Festival.

According to SaameerMody, Managing Director, Pocket Films, “The nine day Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a melting pot of vivid Indian cultures since 1999. This year with our association with Kala Ghoda Short Film Festival, short film cinema lovers have another reason to watch, win or witness the screenings of contesting short films. It perfectly aligns with our objective to carve out a niche and create a sought after platform for short film makers to and provide them with the exposure, encouragement and appreciation they deserve.”

Detailed contest terms such as duration of the film, language and sub-title requirements, copyright, distribution rights, re-submission etc. are available on www.pocketfilms.in. Entries can be submitted online from November

​ 15th to January 7th 2015

, 2014.


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