“Prem Rangi Ranguni”


“Prem Rangi Ranguni” is a play which explores the different dimensions of love. Love does not only means love between a girl & boy, there are various dimensions of love, different hues & colours of love, it can be love in a friendship-parental love-love between a husband & wife-humanity-love for the country n even the love to live life.

Jiwhala and Vipra Creationsproduced “PremRangniRanguni” explores the different aspects of love. This musical romantic play premiered on 2nd May at Parel’sDinanathNatyagruha to a packed house, produced by Sandhya Rhote, written/directed by AnandMhasavekar, music arranged by SubhashMalegoankar. A beautifully scripted old & new love songs blended together sung by actor/singer AmolMhasavekarand Dipti Bhagwat.

This is Sandhya Rhote’s first successful attempt as a producer, she is also all set to direct well known actor Sonali Kulkarni in a play soon.

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