Hackathon judged by the Triveni labs


Mumbai , June 22:  Mr. Arvind Saraf, Director of Triveni Ethnics wear and Triveni labs, visited Delhi this Saturday to judge Hackathon, a techno  event that took place on the 13thand 14th of June in Delhi and Bangalore conjointly organized by Unicommerce & Greymeter .

It provided an opportunity to network with hundreds of the India’s most talented hackers. Several qualified and popular tech-experts were called upon to judge the event, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity. Mr Saraf was a perfect fit as a judge, with his background in the IT field, for the contest which provided exposure for upcoming “Tech Masters”.

Hackathon is an event focusing on development in a short time. Around 45 teams participated from the Campuses of IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, Delhi Tech University, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and many other colleges. The computer programmers and others were involved in software hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborating intensively on software projects.The contest started with Saturday 13th June around 10am, with participating teams given a programming task to complete. More than 150 teams applied for this round. The qualifying teams went to the 2nd round wherein they had to program robots playing a modified version of a single king chess game. The participating teams could challenge each other – and the top 4 teams went into a knockout of semi-finals & finals.

To evaluate the results for such contests, highly qualified and experienced judge panel was required and as part of the esteemed jury, Mr. Saraf provided a unique perspective to the event. He did his B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, Masters & started his PhD in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, joined then recently setup Google India’s Bangalore office as full-time employee in early 2005, co-founded Swasth India in the year 2008, is handling an Ecommerce based SME and recently founded Triveni Labs – a tech innovation company targeting the SMEs”

The Hackathon proved as a productive contest for the participants and ended at a good note with the declaration of Winners who were as follows.

  1. Palash Bansal (IIIT D)
  2. Mansa Sharma (DTU)
  3. Ritesh Singla (DTU)
  4. Kritiketan Sharma (UPES)
  5. Asim Krishna Prasad (MNNIT)
  6. Akshay Kumar (NSIT)
  7. Atul Jain (IIIT D)

“Such Competitions must be often organized in our country as they act as a platform, allowing both an opportunity to participate in the cut throat competition in the field of technology and computer science, and also enable the students to understand these processes in a creative way. I was grateful to be a part of the Hackathon” Mr Arvind Saraf, Director, Triveni Sarees and labs added.

About Triveni and Triveni labs

Triveni is a 29 year old maker of Sarees and Indian Ethnic wear. Based on the solid foundation built by its Sakambari Silks Mills, Triveni has spanned to global proportions with the advent of its online store – TriveniEthnics.com. Triveni currently has over 80 wholesale counters all over India with listings in all major online retailers as well.The range includes.Triveni went online in 2011, taking the Triveni collection worldwide (www.triveniethnics.com), online & a few clicks away. Triveni’s designs & collections are now available at most major retailers in India and most major web-portals in India & worldwide. Triveni Labs was setup in 2014 as a part of Triveni Group. It brings together the innovation attitude & technological know-how of Triveni’s team with domain expertise, enabling us to build reliable technology suited for, and indeed required by, small & medium scale enterprises in the country.


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