It’s raining discounts in Thailand! Offers galore makes this a good time for an impromptu trip


  • Air Asia INR 3,999 fare from Bangalore
  • Specially priced packages
  • Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2015 offers discounts across flights, hotels, retail and entertainment
  • Green Season promotion offers prize for every millionth traveller

Mumbai, 03 July 2015: Most Indian travellers need very little convincing to plan a trip to Thailand. For the few that do here are a few good reasons to plan a monsoon vacation in the Land of Smiles.

Fly at INR 3,999 from Bangalore

This one is specially for Bangaloreans. Thai Air Asia will operate a Bangalore-Bangkok flight starting September 1. The service will launch with a promotional fare of INR 3,999 according to the airline.

Discounts on hotels, flights at till 15 August

If you can’t wait until for Thai Air Asia’s special fares to plan your holiday, you can simply log on to to avail of discounts on flights, hotels, tourist attractions and entertainment. One can also find out about various retail discounts here and plan a trip around where the best deals are being offered

Specially priced packages for luxury seekers

Cox & Kings and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Mumbai have joined hands for a promotional offer allowing travellers to tread off the beaten track for prices between INR 36,000 and INR 61,000. Beach holidays in Koh Chang at INR 36,000 and in Koh Samed INR 38,000 or a ethereal break in the rolling plains right in the lap of nature in Kanchanaburi at INR 61,000.

Youngsters and budget-seekers invited too

Alternately if you had rather save up and treat yourself to a holiday in Thailand next year at this time, you could try Thomas Cook’s Holiday Savings Account offer where a monthly deposit of 2650 for the next 12 months can buy you a trip to eternal favourites Bangkok and Pattaya. Especially for India’s youth who are looking to make their first international trip, this might be a good option.

Win a(nother) trip

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is offering prizes for every millionth visitor to the Kingdom. Thailand gets over 2 million travellers every month, so there are two prizes on offer every month. The lucky traveller will receive two economy-class return air tickets from their international port of origin to Thailand as well as enjoy a five-night accommodation in Thailand for the next trip. The prize is valid within one year.

Soraya Homchuen, director, Tourism Authority of Thailand in Mumbai says, “I think that travellers can maximize benefits by travelling at this time – they will not only enjoy special discounts but also see a refreshing new face of the Amazing Thailand that they are accustomed to.”

Thailand’s rainforests and waterfalls are at their most pristine during the monsoon with Mother Nature in full bloom. Some of the experiences characteristic to this period include the Dok Krachiao (Siam Tulip) Blooming Festival that takes place at the Sai Thong National Park in Chaiyaphum which is located in north-eastern Thailand. Kanchanaburi’s wealth of waterfalls and rolling plains are at their best during the monsoon. Lampang’s hot springs and Trang’s rivers, national parks and waterfalls take on an all new magic. Additionally, Chanthaburi’s larger-than-life (think 15 tiers and more) waterfalls come to life at this time and being the fruit capital, now is a good time to enjoy its local treasures: Langsat Chamkho fruits are available during May and September. The monsoon is also the best time of the year to enjoy an orchard experience in Thailand. Suan Suphattra Land offers you an orchard tour that includes a fruit buffet where you can stop and eat as many of the fresh fruits as you like.


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