Assemblage delivers its first animated feature film with Flying Bark Productions and Telegael Teoranta – ‘Blinky Bill the Movie’

Mumbai, 25 August, 2015: Industry veteran AK Madhavan’s entrepreneurial animation studio, Assemblage Entertainment, is proud to announce the completion of its first full-length animated feature co-production, “Blinky Bill The Movie”, with the CGI being co-produced out of its studio in Mumbai.

“Blinky Bill The Movie” is an Australian feature film produced by Flying Bark Productions (Australia) in co-production with Assemblage and Telegael Teoranta (Ireland). It will release on 17 September 2015 in Australia with the international release to follow.

Assemblage is an eclectic young animation studio that has grown from strength to strength, established in 2014 and currently employing over 250 people. Assemblage boasts an award-winning team of technocrats, artists and management professionals, with several years of collective experience in creating world-class animation productions in collaboration with leading studios and distributors globally.

Flying Bark Productions Managing Director, Barbara Stephen, said; “Blinky Bill is one of Australia’s most iconic characters and his stories have engaged and entertained audiences around the world for many years. We eagerly sought a studio which would treat one of our national treasures with due respect and the team at Assemblage have done just that. Their team has a long history of quality work and is highly regarded internationally – we trusted their ability and commitment to deliver quality CGI services and we are delighted with the result.”


Says Madhavan, CEO of Assemblage, “We’re very excited to announce the completion of the first feature film out of Assemblage. It is a moment of great pride to be able to deliver the entire 90 minutes of the CGI feature out of our facility here in Mumbai, just over a year after our inception. Establishing ourselves as a feature film ready production house and being associated with a timeless classic such as Blinky at the same time is truly rewarding.

We continue our efforts to work on some high quality projects with leading studios globally and aspire to build a strong production portfolio.”


First introduced to audiences in the 1930s through a series of children’s books, Blinky Bill is considered an iconic Australian children’s classic. A small koala with a big imagination, Blinky is an adventurer at heart who dreams of leaving the little town of Green Patch and following his explorer father’s footsteps. Blinky embarks on a journey that takes him beyond the boundary of Greenpatch in the wild and dangerous Australian landscape in his quest to find his missing father. Although he previously appeared in several successful TV series and movies, Blinky has been created in CGI for the first time in the upcoming feature film release this September.

Studio 100 Film is an international feature films sales agency for high quality children and family entertainment motion pictures. The Munich based company is a subsidiary of Studio 100 Media.

Flying Bark Productions is an Australian animation studio owned by Studio 100. It is the producer of iconic animated children’s entertainment such as Maya The Bee Movie and the Tashi and HeidiTV series. (Website:


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