Hindi film Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi releasing on 16th Oct all over.

Movie Synopsis:

HOGAYA DIMAAGH KA DAHI, is a general phrase that we all use to refer something that makes no sense. This phrase is totally applicable on certain section of the youth who are pampered, spoilt and is not serious about their future life. And for parents, it becomes a challenge to handle such mischievous but talented youth.

The movie is a comedy drama. It’s a story about relationships where life’s mantra can be taught through experiences. The plot is tailored around the Tom and Jerry concept having 5 Tom’s and 3 Jerry’s in the movie, preying each other’s life.

The characters in the movie are put into complicated yet humorous situations where they run, chase, fall and again get-up in life and in doing so, understands life.

Movie’s Humour is its Essence:

The movie falls under comedy genre where good humour has been used as its driving force. The movie attempts to grab the viewer’s attention with its light-hearted humorous situation. The aim of our movie is to spread the laughter therapy among the audiences through its staunch characters and engaging storyline. Although the movie takes on serious subject dealt with humour, but there is a happy ending with a message.

The movie HOGAYA DIMAAGH KA DAHI is a complete entertainer. The movie is made keeping in mind the Indian family system and the tradition. The language that is used in the script can be easily understood by the masses and as it follows the school of thought of director’s like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee and Sai Paranjpye. It is sure to take you on a laugh ride.

2.   Cast and Crew:

Banner: Daily Multimedia Limited
Director: Fauzia Arshi
Producer: Santosh Bhartiya & Fauzia Arshi
Status: Completed
Release Date: 25th September 2015
Genre: Drama
Star Cast
Kader Khan – Ishwar Singh Chouhan
Om Puri – Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph
Sanjay Mishra – Ashique Ali Advocate
Raajpal Yadav – Masala
Razzak Khan – Teeli Bhai
Vijay Patkar – Bawle
Amita Nangia – Mujjee
Subhash Yadav – Pauwwa
Chitrashi Rawat – Sara

Screenplay: Santosh Bhartiya
Story & Dialogue: Fauzia Arshi
Choreographers: Jojo Khan, Feeroz Khan
Music Director: Fauzia Arshi
Singers: Mika Singh, Kunal Ganjawala, Kailash Kher, Ritu Pathak, Fauzia Arshi
Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed, Ravi Chopra, Allama Iqbal & Amir Khusro
Editor: DML Studios
Cinematography: Najeeb Khan & Nazir Khan
Presenter: DML Studios
Runtime: 124 Minutes
Action: Hanif Shaikh
Art: DML Studios
Publicity Designers: DML Studios
Visual Effects: Prasad Films Lab (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.
Sound: Fiesta Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Shooting Location (City & Country): Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Media planner- Himanshu Jhunjhunwala Dwapar Promoters.


100% Original Content

Enthralling and hilarious punch lines

5 great comedians ever first-time together

Featuring Kader Khan in one of the interesting roles

Comedy movie by female director who is also credited with the music direction of the movie

Screenplay by a renowned and credible journalist – Santosh Bhartiya

Songs are written by ‘Shabbir Ahmed’ – the current star lyricist of the Hindi film industry

Allama Iqbal’s and Amir Khusro’s poetry has been incorporated in a qawwali sung by Kailash Kher and Fauzia Arshi


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