Mumbai Metro One at its Versova station regarding Swacha Metro Abhiyan

Mr Abhay Mishra, CEO, MMOPL

Key Highlights:

  • Mumbai Metro thanks its commuters, MCGM, and housekeeping staff for keeping the Mumbai Metro clean
  • Mumbai Metro staff, MCGM officials, civil society members and colleges who partnered in the Swachha Metro Abhiyaan recognized for their work and awarded
  • MCGM Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta says, “Feel proud to be a Mumbai citizen after seeing the cleanliness of the Metro. Keep it up”
  •  Mumbai Metro CEO Abhay Kumar Mishra says, “Our stakeholder’s efforts and their results are evidence that public places in India can be kept clean.”

Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Reliance Infra, today commemorated Swachha Metro Abhiyan and recognized the efforts of all the stakeholders in keeping the Mumbai Metro clean. Chief Guest Ajoy Mehta – Commissioner MCGM – awarded Metro  house-keeping staff, a commuter and officials of the MCGM who have helped Mumbai Metro provide the cleanest public spaces in Mumbai. The programme was held at Versova Metro Station.

In his address on the occasion, Mr. Ajoy Mehta, said “The people’s participation in keeping the Mumbai Metro clean is the key. It was the need of the hour to ensure that the citizenry participates in civic causes.”

Speaking earlier, CEO of MMOPL, Abhay Mishra, said, “Creating a sense of ownership amongst the commuters and the Metro staff was a key part of a three-pronged strategy to keep the Mumbai Metro clean. Laying down the right kind of processes and ensuring effective execution were the other reasons why Mumbai Metro One could be kept clean despite heavy footfalls.”

He said that successful implementation of the Mumbai Metro Model of Cleanliness in Public Spaces was evidence that public places in India can be kept clean.

Citations for Swachha Metro Abhiyaan

  1. Outstanding contribution to Swachha Metro – Metro Hero Sameer Bhatt found and stopped a co – passenger spitting on platform at Airport Road Station, When the co – passenger did not listen to him and began arguing, Mr. Bhatt took him to Customer Care and handed the offender over to Shift Supervisor.
  2. Housekeeping Excellence Award – Prasad Chalke, who has strived for perfection in his work, has been associated with Mumbai Metro since its inception and now serving at Metro depot. Prasad has been at the forefront of cleaning at the major stations – Andheri & Ghatkopar – which have seen the maximum foot fall.
  3. Housekeeping Excellence Award – Dhananjay More been recognized for his commitment in sustaining the cleanliness standards of Mumbai Metro. A pioneer in roof cleaning at the stations, it is to his credit that we see the most inaccessible places in at our stations clean & shining.
  1. Housekeeping Excellence Award – Meena Magre is a genuine reflection of Swachha Metro Senani. She is a champion in her work in cleaning the washroom at various stations.
  1. Housekeeping Supervisor Excellence Award – Tukaram Mandekar exhibits a remarkable ownership of his area of work. Even during heavy rains when the ground floor experienced flooding, he has kept the metro station staircases dry and safe. He has also been instrumental in training Swachha Metro Senanis.
  1. Housekeeping Supervisor Excellence Award – Aarti Kamble has been involved in training and building the right skill-set among Metro housekeeping staff. She is deployed to up the performance whenever a station experiences low cleanliness standards.
  1. Facility Manager Excellence Award – Yogesh Naidu is a true asset, having consistently demonstrated excellence in his efficiency, productivity and quality of work. His commitment towards team development and fostering growth is incomparable.
  1. Facility Manager Excellence Award – Harish Palav is recognized for his outstanding capability in managing the complexities of rolling stock cleaning.
  1.  Outstanding contribution to Swachha Metro – Members of Advance Locality Management (ALM), K-West ward MCGM have provided Mumbai Metro total support in ensuring that the premises around the Metro is kept clean. They also helped generate awareness among people and shopkeepers on ground level and societies near the Metro line to partner Mumbai Metro keep the vicinity clean.
  1. Outstanding contribution to Swachha Metro – Mr. Prashant Sapkale, Asst. Municipal Commissioner – L Ward, helped remove the encroachments from footpath below Sakinaka Station and develop the metro Influence Zone on both sides of the station. He was also instrumental in providing additional water supply & pest control treatment for Asalpha & Sakinaka stations.


  1. Outstanding contribution to Swachha Metro – MVM Degree college of Commerce & Science contributed to Swachha Metro Abhiyaan by sending NSS volunteers for cleanness campaigns.  They have also partnered for Swachha Metro Shram Daan at metro stations. MVM Degree college is the only institute that is associated with Mumbai Metro since the start of the operations.
  1. Outstanding contribution to Swachha Metro –  JM Patel College extended its support to the Swachha Metro Abhiyaan by participating in Cleanliness Campaign & Clean Metro Shram Daan. Their positive attitude towards Swachha Metro Abhiyaan helped the Metro reach its goals of cleanliness.

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