Shakti Group Steps into 4th Year


  • Shakti Group celebrates its 3rd Annual Day
  • Shakti Group officially launches 2 new companies
  • Shakti Group declares its growth strategy

In today’s competitive business arena, where only big investments breed big money or profit, is it possible for a new entrant from a middle class background to establish a business group that can grow at an unbelievably fast rate? If at all so, then what is the secret of its success?

On 22nd October (2015) during its 3rd Annual Day celebration at hotel Le Meridien, Pune, Mr. Hemant  Jambhale, the prudent Chairman & Managing Director of the Shakti Group, not only answered the above questions – but also demonstrated how skillfully he had designed his ventures targeting to be the one among the Top 10 business groups of India by 2020.

Years back, Mr. Jambhale, the founder of the Shakti Group, dreamt to build a Business Group that would not only be focused on earning profits but also keep the windows open for social responsibility – and provide opportunity for growth to all. His strategic thinking, indomitable spirit and caring leadership have been instrumental in shaping up the Shakti Group, which has charted a unique plan for growth with the power of unity.

From a humble beginning with a project comprising construction of just 100 flats, today the Shakti Group has achieved a turn over of Rs. 50 crores, and  has spread its wings in multiple directions. The Group has 8 companies profitably working under it: namely Shakti  Multipurpose Co-operative Society, Ltd.; Shakti Productions & Events; Shakti Health Care; (Aple) Dhairya Times; Shakti Fine Art; Shakti Sankalp; Shakti Educations & Motels; and Shakti Softbiz. On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, in the Annual Day function only, the Group officially launched the logos of the two high potential companies Shakti Educations & Motels and Shakti Softbiz.

Shakti  Multipurpose Co-operative Society, Ltd. offers plans that enhance common people’s saving capability. The company has its branches in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Shakti Productions & Events is an event management company, they are also hunting talents from rural Maharashtra and presenting them to the world. (Aple) Dhairya Times is the media wing of the Group. Shakti Health Care is active in health service area to provide services to people at reasonable costs. Shakti Educations & Motels is active in improving skill set among people of all ages and walks of life. Shakti Fine Art is aiding artists in business. Shakti Sankalp is into construction business. Shakti Softbiz is in software development.

Mr. Jambhale says, “Determination, Discipline and Work Efficiency are the three prime factors that have earned success to the Shakti Group within a short span of time. Today the Group has crossed the boundary of Maharashtra, and soon a time will come when it will work all over the world.”

While explaining how his plan is linking social service with the Group’s activities, he cites, “When people go for medical tests at branded laboratories, they need to pay a hefty amount. However, in the Group’s multi specialty healthcare centres, people from the low income group will be able to avail the same facilities at a cheaper rate. Each district will have such a centre. The centres will also offer home service for the serious patients.  Senior citizens will get huge concessions from the laboratories.”

“It’s a common fact that money comes and goes off from hands, especially for the low income group of people. Shakti  Multipurpose Co-operative Society, Ltd. is basically working on helping  people in saving or accumulating money, so that they get a lump sum amount when that is required. Schemes have been designed in that manner,” he adds.

In the business model of Shakti Fine Art also, the same thought is reflected. There are many talented artists in the country, who cannot sell their paintings to big organizations directly. Shakti Fine Art presents them a platform for this purpose. It is not just a onetime deal. After a few years, the company again buys back the paintings, and gets them renovated by the same artists, and sell them back. So, the artists get repeated royalty from their works.

Shakti Group has many more innovative plans on anvil. The company is planning to expand its activities in other states of India and Middle East too. While answering to the question, what do you think is the actual element working behind your fast growth? Mr. Jambhale says, “Strategy.”


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