‘Spotlight’ review by Pinakee Rattan Sher




Never underestimate power of Press

Here is For common people the news in newspaper is just a printed text but it is more than that particularly when the news is about unearthing of a scandal. It is hard to imagine for a layman that how much research and investigation is required to bring the breaking news to them because the news has to be so much foolproof and trustworthy that it should be capable of securing justice for the involved victims.

The movie Spotlight remains true to its theme and doesn’t wander from its way for one moment. Most of the time we see office scenes mostly the office of newspaper The Boston Globe. It is a simple and witty movie that keeps one engaged from start to end on basis of its intelligent drama. Being a movie based on true story that happened many years back, there was little scope for the makers to put fictitious elements to up the entertainment quotient. The look and the feel of the film remains true to its theme. All the actors have lend their part to give a classy feel to the film. In the role of Mike Rezendes, actor Mark Ruffalo shine excels because he has got some nice scenes to do.

In the film, Spotlight is the team of the renowned newspaper The Boston Globe. Mike, Sacha, Ben and Walter are the team members who handle the research and investigation work. At the suggestion of the new editor of the newspaper, Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber), Spotlight team gets ready to work on a news of sexual abuse of children by the priest in Boston, Massachusetts many years back. Marty gets a cue for this mission from a newspaper column where a lawyer Mitchell Garabedian (Stanley Tucci) has said that a priest John Geoghan was involved in sexual abuse of children but Cardinal Law, Archbishop of Boston despite knowing it, decided to keep mum regarding this sin. Spotlight gets to its work and it starts with Michael Rezendes visiting the lawyer Mitchell. After lot of persuasion, Mitchell speaks on the matter and the mission to expose the child sexual abuse by priests is on full swing. The revelations turn out to be shocking when it comes to notice that it is not the matter of one priest but lots of priests did sexual abuse of children in Massachusetts but they were being covered up by the Church.

To make their research more strong, Spotlight team does the interview of some victims of the abuse by the priests. The victims’ sad stories serve as strong support for the investigation and the unearthing of the scandal seems to be inevitable. Ultimately, but not so easily, Spotlight team manages to publish the news of the massive scandal that urges more and more victims to come forward and report their abuse to the newspaper The Boston Globe.

Truth has to win in the end and that is what happens exactly in the film. In the end, Spotlight member Walter says that he was sent a list of twenty priests involved in sexual abuse of children, in 1993 but he didnt bothered to follow up and unearth the scandal. The scenes speaks a lot about the press that how they dont always stand for truth because they have to make a balance between their business and the truth and justice. The film remains easy to understood as it is all shown in a linear fashion. The simple treatment of the film makes it simply a nice film to watch.

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