Smita Jayakar is the ‘Queen of Hearts’ in a new short film celebrating Valentine’s Day spirit

Brought to you by Connect.1, the short film shows a new way of celebrating love on this special day

Connect.1 Ltd., the digital arm of Mukta Arts is celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a twist by releasing their new short movie ‘Queen of Hearts’. The movie featuring seasoned actors like Darshan Jariwalla and Smita Jayakar defies the stereotypical interpretation of Valentine’s Day. The story revolves around the Mehta family. The men are competing with each other to take the queen of their heart on a date. While the son is trying hard to get his mother’s (played by Smita Jayakar) attention by showering her with flowers and soft toys, it’s interesting to see how the husband (Darshan Jariwalla) is not far behind to compete with his son to have her as his Valentine by reading out romantic shayaris. However, nothing goes as planned and there is a twist waiting in the end for the Mehta boys.


Talking about the film, Darshan Jariwalla says “It’s a beautiful short film around Valentine’s Day and shows how this day should be celebrated with entire family and not in isolation with your partners. I had a great time working with all the actors. It’s a fun film and the whole family can sit and enjoy this video.”


Smita Jaykar who plays the ‘Queen of Hearts’ says, “It’s a very special movie where I felt quite the centre of attention.  In this unique story, we are trying to change the outlook of Valentine’s Day in a fun, playful way. After all, it’s all about loving your family!”


The short film is written and directed by Abhimanyu Kanodia and produced by Connect.1 Limited. The film released today across Connect.1’s & Some Like it Short Youtube, Facebook and Twitter channel/pages​.


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