Ducab brings global training & certification sessions on high-quality, fire-rated cabling products to India



  • Established partnerships with leading Indian companies – DMRC , L&T, ABB, Siemens
  • Ducab supplies 25% of India’s imported industrial-use copper rod and wire  from plants in the UAE
  • Range of products relevant across Construction, Defence, Public transport, Fire safety, Utilities, Mining, Railways, Renewables Energy, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Marine sectors
  • Leading Gulf manufacturer sees huge potential of investment in India through Make in India and Smart Cities initiatives


New Delhi, India, 15th  February, 2016: Industrial and safety experts from (Dubai Cable Company Pvt Ltd) Ducab, the UAE-based leading manufacturer of high-quality cabling solutions, conducted first of its planned series of fire safety seminars about the importance of selecting certified Fire Performance  cables and cabling accessories in New Delhi. With nearly 4 decades of experience in partnering with mega projects across the globe, Ducab is now pioneering its globally-recognized PowerOverFire campaign in India to showcase its fire certified cables for the ambitious Smart City power networks.


Having supplied cabling solutions throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa, Ducab’s expertise includes infrastructure applications across the Construction, Defence, Public Transport, Fire Safety, Utilities, Mining, Railways, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Marine sectors. With a client portfolio in India that includes L&T, ABB, Siemens, as well as a project expansion of the Delhi Metro (DMRC), Ducab is continuing its legacy to service the Indian market and support the Indian manufacturing sector by importing certain raw materials into UAE that are made in India. The Indian electrical industry secures volumes of its annual copper wire requirement from international manufacturers, and Ducab’s plant in Abu Dhabi provides a full 25% share of this market.


Ducab’s PowerOverFire seminar is a certificate Continuing Professional Development course conducted free of charge for developers, design consultants, contractors, and senior engineers in the electrical and civil defence industry to understand the dangers of choosing uncertified cabling. The knowledge-sharing seminar highlights the current British Standards for Fire Performance cables, incorporating a guide for the correct selection and installation of FirePerformance power and control cable systems, for life safety and firefighting applications. Participation in the seminar was by invitation only, and all the attendees received a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate.


The Ducab PowerOverFire technical education seminars were led by Ashish Chaturvedy, and Tom Roberts, responsible for Fire Performance Business Development, and supported by Shailendra Singh for sales development at Ducab.


Commenting on the seminar, Ashish Chaturvedy, responsible for Marketing at Ducab, said, “Consciousness about high quality cables is growing in India, a strategic region which is embracing diversified business opportunities with the UAE. Ducab’s operations in India are bolstered by its support toIndia’s ‘Smart City’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives, in which the company sees huge transformative potential. Ducab is always open to speaking with like-minded Indian businesses and is constantly seeking growth opportunities, organic and otherwise, for future business development.”


Ducab’s specialized range of LPCB certified FirePerformance  and fire-retardant cables, branded FlamBICC, adheres to stringent standards adopted by the civil defence and standardization authorities the world over. If a fire occurs, it is often the cable insulation that generates the most smoke, hindering visibility and causing maximum damage. Eliminating this hazard, Ducab’s FlamBICC is a certified range of low-smoke and halogen-free cables. More details can be found at www.ducabpoweroverfire.com.


About Ducab

Ducab is a leading provider of cables and wires solutions, and the first choice for many prestigious clients and contractors due to its record of quality and customer service.


Jointly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai and Senaat (General Holding Corporation, Abu Dhabi), Ducab operates five manufacturing facilities in the UAE, that include Ducab Jebel Ali, Ducab Mussafah 1 Factory, Ducab Mussafah 2 Factory, Copper Rod Factory, and Ducab High Voltage (HV) Cable Systems Factory. It also acquired its first overseas plant, AEI Cables UK, earlier in 2014. The company has a manufacturing capability of over 115,000 metal tonnes of high, medium and low voltage cables and 110,000 tonnes of copper rod and wire per annum.


Through its innovative journey, Ducab has continued its strong rate of growth in specialised products by introducing product lines that are designed for particular sectors, such as PetroBICC, designed for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sector, RuBICC, with flexible rubber cables, FlamBICC, the FirePerformance  cable series, and NuBICC, which is our 60-year certified cable range for nuclear power plants.


The product range includes High Voltage cables up to 400kV, Medium Voltage cables up to 33kV, Low Voltage power cables, control & auxiliary, wiring and lead-sheathed cables, Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables, and Fire Performance cables, copper rods and wires, cable components and cable accessories.


Ducab has supplied electrical cables to a number of landmark projects in the UAE, including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Emirates Palace, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm and Yas Marina Circuit. With record sales of AED 5.1 billion for 2013, Ducab is a regional leader in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of copper and aluminum cable products for the defence, energy, industrial, construction, rail, specialty and nuclear energy sectors.


Ducab is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and also has certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety issued by BASEC (British Approval Services for Cables). Ducab cables are also approved by the Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) and Lloyd’s Register, UK.


Earlier in 2014, in a joint venture with Senaat, Ducab announced the formation of Ducab Aluminium, a 50,000tpa aluminum rod mill. When complete in mid 2016, the new plant will manufacture Electrical Conductive (EC) grade aluminum alloy rods, wires, and bare overhead conductors. Environment-friendly processes will be employed within the mill, and liquid aluminum will be supplied from the EMAL smelter in Taweelah, Abu Dhabi.





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