Mumbai, March 10, 2016Tressmart, in association with Gul Panag, announced the introduction of DAFNI to the Indian market today. DAFNI is a globally patented product in the arena of hair straightening,with path breaking design and results delivery. DAFNI promises salon-finished straight hair,in a matter of minutes, to women ‘on-the-go’. The revolutionary product has already generated tremendous global excitement, running out of stock wherever it has been introduced worldwide.


Speaking at the launch, Gul, who is an icon for women’s achievement, expressed delight at the fact that the launch of DAFNI in the Indian market, took place in a month that celebrates women. She said it was great to see women achieving so much; as wives and mothers, as heads of corporations, in sport, arts and more.“The Indian woman is multitasking and busier than ever before. She needs quick and effective grooming tools to help her keep pace with this demanding lifestyle, something that DAFNI addresses beautifully,” said Gul.


DAFNI has several unique features that have ensured its global popularity. Its revolutionary brush shaped design allows a much larger volume of hair to be straightened at one go than regular straighteners. It is designed to maintain a constant temperature that ensures greater safety for consumers and meets the most stringent hair-safety standards around the world. This brush works on dry hair ensuring quicker results and protecting hair from long-term damage. DAFNI delivers hair that has been straightened but not flattened, thus leaving volume intact. The fact that this is accomplished within minutes instead of hours, makes DAFNI an ideal companion for the 21st century woman!


“There are so many women like me, who are very pressed for time. They would greatly appreciate the ease, safety and intuitiveness of this product. It was my personal experience and conviction in DAFNI that led me to invest in its introduction in India,” added Gul.


The brush is already creating waves in India, with people like Nonita Kalra, Shunali Shroff, Kiran Manral, Shereen – Love and Other Bugs, Neha Yadav, Soni Mahdi, Aparna Jain, Aparna Mittal, taking to social media to express their delight with the product.




Speed: Straightening hair with DAFNI takes minutes instead of hours. The brush allows a much larger volume of hair to be straightened in one go as compared to regular hair straighteners. Results can therefore be achieved in less than 5 minutes.


User friendly: The brush shaped design of DAFNI makes it more intuitive and user friendly than conventional tongs.


Safe:The product is devised to maintain a constant hair safe temperature. It meets the most stringent safety standards set for hair care products globally.


Volume: The constant temperature ensures that hair is straightened but not flattened, leaving volume intact.


Cost effective: DAFNI is cost effective as it can be used several times over, while a single trip to the salon for a straightening session, may cost anywhere between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000/-. The brush also comes with a year’s guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Portable: The lightweight brush-like design of the product makes it easy to carry.


Anytime: The product is recommended for use on dry hair only,which makes DAFNI an ideal companion for every woman on the go!


Availability: DAFNI is available for purchase in India at


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