Dirty Boss review

Language                    :           Hindi
Banner                        :           Kukku Films
Producer                     :           DJ Kanwaljeet
Writer-Director          :           Kesar Matharu
Music                          :           Shishir
Star cast                     :           Raju Kher, introducing Jasleen Matharu, Geetu Gambhir,
                                                Kalyani Thakkar, Kesar Matharu, Shahzad, Pinky More,
                                                Mushtaq Khan
Genre                          :           Comedy Drama
Censor                        :           DIL/3/124/2015 (A) dated 31.08.2015 (1:03 min:sec cuts)
Running Time :           127:00 min:sec
Release Date             :           11th March 2016
Kesar Matharu  continues his
dirty franchise with “Dirty Boss”
After the success of his last venture The Dirty Relation  writer-director  Kesar Matharu has decided to continue the dirty franchise  with Dirty Boss.   The film will see the debut of his daughter actress-singer Jasleen Matharu in the lead role. It is an out and out comedy caper with double meaning dialogue at various places. The film shows how people come  to Mumbai with big dream in their eyes of making it big in Bollywood, but what eventually happens with them and what transpires between them forms the whole crux of the story. Some  succeed, some fail and some  fall prey to something  which is not good for them. The film depicts at how businessmen and underworld get attracted to the glitter of film making business who finally get smitten with the female lead actor.
 The film has Raju Kher in the title role of  Dirty Boss.  He plays Bhundi, a rich businessman who hails from Punjab and finds the entire process of movie making interesting and decides to be a part of it. But since he is naïve, the people take advantage of him.
Performance wise the entire cast has portrayed their characters to the hilt. Raju Kher as Bhundi, Jasleen Matharu as Diana, playing the leading actress of a film, Kalyani Thakkar, the award winning actress from the Gujarat film industry playing Satti (wife of Bhundi), Geetur Gambhir as Sandhya, servant of Bhundi household, Kesar Matharu as director Chaluji, Shahzad as Kekda Bhai, Pinky More as Jasoos and Mushtaq Khan as the lawyer.
Production values are rich. Cinematography by Manish Vyas is up to the mark. Music wise, there is only one hip-hop number “Give and take ka mamla hai…” which is penned by Faninder Rao while Shishir has provided the musical score. Jasleen Matharu herself has rendered the song which has been choreographed by Pappu Khanna.
Jasleen Matharu who has been seen performing with  singers Mika Singh and Sukhwinder Singh on many stage shows is all  make her acting debut with her father writer,  director Kesar Matharu’s comic caper Dirty Boss.   
 Jasleen who  started learning classical and western music at the  tender age of 11 has won many best female singer titles at inter-collegiate competitions at the age of 16.  Love Day Love Day is her solo debut album which has been scored by DJ Sheizwood. Not only singing but Jasleen has trained herself in boxing, swimming and dancing too.  She is a pro in different forms of dancing like Bharatnatyam, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Belly-dancing and others.
Writer, director Kesar  Matharu  a theatre artiste began his career with a  Punjabi film ‘Koun Dillan Diaan Jane’ which he had  written, produced and also acted in it. The film received appreciation from the then President of India in 1986. Thereafter he ventured into Bollywood. As a writer-director he made two successful films like ‘Pyasi Nigahein’  and ‘Sagar Se Gehra Pyaar.’  Thereafter he made as controversial film Laafda as a writer, producer and director  followed by films like  Hum Hain Pyar Mein and Sambandh.  He was also the EC member of IMPPA in 2004-2005. His last film was The Dirty Relation fetched him  rave reviews.  He now continues with the Franchise with his upcoming film“Dirty Boss”.
There is a saying that good things come in small packages. This mediocre film has all the ingredients of a wholesome entertainer. The film which sheds lights within the newcomers is humorous and takes you on a roller coaster ride. An enjoyable fare for the classes as well as the masses.

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