Think & Act Beyond Clichés Introducing A new premium online content channel by women!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – This March 2016 start thinking beyond clichés and beyond the obvious.  A distinctive team of girls in Mumbai presents Girliyapa – a premium online content channel about women that intends to create progressive content but not only for women! And, the Girliyapa team is definitely ‘NOT FROM VENUS’!

The all women team at Girliyapa aims at sharing fun, quirky stories from a woman’s perspective that will make you think beyond the clichés. TheGirliyapa team of women want to say things women always ‘think of’, but never say perhaps because of their fear of being judged by society and her peers.

Announcing the launch of the premium online content destination, Tracy Dsouza, Channel Head, Girliyapa, said, “Yes! We feel you. We hear you Women. That’s why my gang of girls and I created ‘Girliyapa’ exclusively for you. We are going to try  to make liberal content – content that tells stories & experiences about women, by women in an entertaining treatment. Come join us and explore womanhood with Girliyapa and share with us what you think! We would love to hear from you.”

We are in the 21st century. However, whilst our country has progressed in so many ways and in so many fields by leaps & bounds, attitudinally, women are still made to feel guilty for the most natural phenomenon of their life – menstruation. The approach to date on the subject has always been regressive and hushed, as if it is something to be ashamed of. Therefore, in an attempt to demystify the monthly ‘phenomenon’ the girls at Girliyapa decided to do something that has never been thought about in India – to present the funny and quirky situations one experiences during their periods.

The first presentation by the Girliyapa team of girls launched around International Women’s Day on March 7, 2016 addresses this issue through their popular #The Period Song which has already become an online sensation!

#ThePeriodSong has been created to celebrate menstruation and womanhood in general. The lyrics and the video revolve around a teenage girl who as and when gets her first period, is transported to a surreal space called ‘The Period Club’. There, she goes through different experiences, and is offered solutions by more experienced women on how to deal with menstruation and its companions like cramps, cravings, mood swings, pimples etc. The video has a lot of laugh out loud moments, relatable insights and pop cultural references for example ‘daadi left the club but mama abhi baki hai’, ‘red wedding in my pants’, etc.

The Girliyapa team took a popular party track and turned it into a ‘period’ Anthem! Periods are now a cool thing ! The video features celebrities and social influencers like Sandhya Mridul, Rukhsar Rehman, Pavleen Gujral, Rajshri Deshpande, lead actors from Permanent Roommates – Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, lead actors from Pitchers – Naveen Kasturia and Maanvi Gagroo, one of the most loved internet couples – Jitendra Kumar and Akanksha Thakur, vlogger – Santushi Shetty, stand up comedian Sumukhi Suresh and other YouTubers like Rickshwali etc.

What do women think but never say?


Every girl has a friend who’s hotter than her and who, whenever they go out, becomes the centre of attention for eligible men. Women generally do not want to acknowledge the thought they are not getting as much attention as the hot one, let alone talk about.


In their second video presentation – Why should Hot Girls have all the fun? — which was launched a few days ago on March 18, the Girliyapa team has showcased the exact opposite! Where stereotypically, not so hot women, confront a guy who is staring at their hot friend and explain logically why he should look at them instead.


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