The colour of nature is finally making a fashionable comeback and how!

Farah Khan with Bhumika & Jyoti

TV actress-cum-Designer Jyoti Mukerji & her Fashion designer partner Bhumika newest brand ‘Bhumika & Jyoti’- India 1st– Zero Waste Fashion Store – in the high street of Juhu, considered as the Beverly Hills of Bollywood, has got a tremendous buzz amongst the Fashionistas, especially the socially conscious.

‘Bhumika & Jyoti’ first Forest inspired fashion pieces  ‘Forest Green’ , takes a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book  and proves that concepts of ‘luxurious’ and ‘eco-friendly’ can co-exist.

Bhumika & Jyoti’ quotes “We get our inspiration from the nature around us. Our first collection for this new store is dedicated to the forest greens, as green represents the colour of life. Before the civilization, everything was a forest.  It is our canvas from where we drew our inspiration, the new budding of green leaves, the brown woods, or dried leaves, fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,  little bit of peaches, of yellow etc.  We consider all of the rich details and variety that nature has to offer, in creating original, beautiful, nature-inspired design. Our designs, texture, shape, patterns, floral embellishments are intended to blend in terms of both hue and shape with the environmental context

The designer duo passion for ethics, believes in recycling ‘Zero waste designs by using every last scrap, and yet conjure up some inspiring and innovative designs that would refuse to sacrifice super-cool style for sustainability giving birth to India’s 1st Zero Waste Fashion store.

Their sustainable fashion philosophy is much more a conviction and a commitment rather than just a fashion trend!

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