Statement by Mr V S Parthasarathy, Group CFO, Mahindra Group on appointment of Mr Urjit Patel as next RBI Governor


Mr. VS Parthasarathy, Group Chief Financial Officer, Mahindra Group

“Urjit means ‘Possesses Great Might’, the mighty task of continuing Rajan’s good work could not have been in better hands. As the new Captain takes charge at RBI, what is guaranteed, with a fresh perspective, is Continuity. This augurs well for the industry and the Country – a clear win-win. This will increase the markets’ and investors’ faith  on direction and implementation of monetary & other policies.

 I am sure that corporate India will welcome Dr. Patel’s appointment and look forward to a period of sustained forward momentum under his Governorship”

V S Parthasarathy

Group Chief Financial Officer, Group CIO &

President (Group Finance and M&A)

Member of the Group Executive Board, M&M Group


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