DON’T BREATHE movie review by Pinakee Rattan Sher




Cast: Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Stephen Lang

Producers: Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, Fede Alvarez

Director: Fede Alvarez


Rating: ***


The movie remains true to its title Don’t breathe because the moment they breathe, hell breaks loose on them. They are none other than the main characters, three larcenists who have made burglary their business. They are masters of their business until they decide to barge in the house of a blind man. Most part of the movie takes place in an enclosed setting, the house of  Norman Nordstrom, a blind war veteran who is referred as The blind man in the movie.  This  role is played beautifully, in fact viciously by Stephen Lang. With his stern expressions and dominating body language, he emerges as the winner till penultimate moment. Despite his lack of vision, he is adept at defending himself and his property because he is totally aware of the layout of his house.

Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) are the larcenists who get money by selling the items they steal from the homes they breach. These are the homes that are secured by the security company of Alex’s father. Every time Alex disarms alarms that makes their work easy. But when they decide to steal cash from the locker in the house of The blind man, hardly are they aware that it is going to be the biggest mistake of their life. Finding out that the blind man lives all alone takes away all their fears as they think that it is going to be a cakewalk. As per their plans they enter the house and get to their work. But one by one their plans go for a toss. It is not what they had thought.

Even the sheer presence of The blind man scares them and mellows down their confidence that they were proud of before barging in the house. Cat and mouse game starts and it is all blood, thrill, fright and chase we see all around.  The trio is trapped and the focus shifts from getting the money to saving their life. The house is unsafe as life taking bullet can struck from any direction and the exit is almost impossible. The claustrophobic setting keeps us on the edge of our seat. Of course there are moments when the suspense and thrill takes tool on our patience as the might of the blind man seems to be exaggerated. A blind man can be strong enough but without having any sixth sense to back him, how can he overpower three persons who have vision and are quick. Director Fede Alvarez has taken a liberty and went ahead with his vision.

Over the course of action, there are some revelations and expositions that makes it difficult to figure out that who is the hero and who is the villain. Each moment keeps us glued to the screen with a thought that what will happen next. Though it is fact that not all of us will feel that justice has been done but the script flows smoothly leading from one thrill to the next without giving much time to focus on loopholes. The action backed altogether by the chilling background score, refined editing and neat direction makes the movie worth watching. It is difficult to peg for any particular character permanently as sympathies shift from one character to another from beginning to end.

All the actors have remained true to their character but it is The blind man and sizzling Rocky who steal the limelight. Rocky’s passion and motivation to steal the cash is so strong that she looks right in stealing and The blind man  has an emotional connect with the money that is why he seems right in going to any level to secure the cash. Sometimes it looks like battle of Right vs Right, sometimes Right vs Wrong’ Whatever it is, the moviemakers will be happy that their tricks are going to work in favor of the movie. In one line it can be termed as glamorization of evil and resurrection of dead!



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