Rani Mukerji’s Sister-in-law, Designer & TV actress Jyoti Mukerji unveils ‘AUTUMN RAGA’


If Jam session is good for musicians, then why not for designers as well!  Fashion designers Bhumika Chheda & Jyoti of ‘BHUMIKA & JYOTI’ fame took this concept to a different level as they conceptualised ‘AUTUMN RAGA’, an eclectic evening of fashion and the magic of live harmony music with Playwright, screenwriter, & Fusion vocalist Isheeta Ganguly. The exclusive event was held at ‘BHUMIKA & JYOTI- Zero waste fashion store concept’ in the high streets of Juhu, Mumbai, considered the Beverly Hills of Bollywood. The designers also showcased and launched their new designer collection ‘Autumn Raga’, inspired by the season.

Celebrity guests who graced this unique fashion jamboree were Krishna Mukerji (Rani Mukerji’s Mum) Actress Bhumi Pendekar, Kamalika Guha Thakurata, Roopali Ganguly, Raja Mukerji, Sumona Chakraborty (Kapil Sharma fame), Rhea Pillai, Karishma Modi Kotak etc.

Fusion vocalist Isheeta Ganguly enthralled with her rendition and fusion of Jazz, Hindi, Bengali, & Retro music. Rani Mukerji’s mum, Krishna Mukerji joined in the rendezvous as she sang ‘ Kabhie Kabhie’, as the young talented niece of Rani, Myiesha Mukerji, too joined in singing some Bengali folk songs, that brought everyone to their feet. The celebrity guests too joined in the sing-a- long session thereafter.

AUTUMN RAGA’ was the confluence, an epitome of lyrical integration, a beauty of melody and Fashion, a blending of emotions and tonal colours in the associated context of Autumn season and time, that has inspired the creative designers. It is the artistic blend of ragas and fusion music that weaves through many threads of fashion designs.

Autumn is all about transitions and the colour palette of the designers has captured sense of the environment in its myriad hues.


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