Stop animal slaughtering, declare cow as a national animal – Saint Umakant Maharaj

Mumbai, January 3, 2017:
Today on the auspicious day of a New Year, Umakant Maharaji arrived at Navi Mumbai at Jhule Lal temple , Nerul  where he had a conversation with the Media.  He is said to be a heir of baba “Jai gurudev” and is from Ujjain. He believes that the human body is designed to consume vegetarian food, and one should not pollute the human body by consuming meat.


He spoke about the importance of vegetarianism, religious practices, the importance of a prayer, Indian culture, youth behavior, politics, education system. He further added that “the rise of corruption and crime is due to alcoholism , and to become a state free of crime and murder, the state should ban alcohol. The devotion of a man to god is decreasing each day because of which a man is becoming arrogant and egoistic.

For building a better character and mood, every human should dedicate at least an hour by chanting the name of God. Respecting yours elders and following the rules will help you have success in life. The politicians that the public choose should work in the favor of the common man for the betterment of the country.

It is important to bring changes in the education system and bring about online education system for children from the start of  the school. By this it will be easier to overcome unemployment.


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