26 weeks of maternity leave, 12 weeks adoption leave, 2 weeks paternity leave


Mumbai, January 31st, 2016 : L’Oréal India today announced an improved parental benefits policy in a move aimed at enhancing a healthy and productive work environment as well as emotional upliftment of the organisation’s workforce.


The company’s new parental benefits include 26 weeks of paid leave for mothers, pre-commute assistance to expecting women employees starting from the 6th month of pregnancy and child care allowance for a period of two years from the date of delivery. To help new mothers ease back into work, they can also avail of reduced work hours for two continuous weeks immediately after resuming work. The policy also entitles fathers to paid leave of two weeks. Additionally, the adoption leave has been increased to 12 weeks for mothers and 1 week for fathers.


In order to support the work-life balance of employees, L’Oréal India will also offer flexible working options to each parent as well as pre and post natal support and employee wellbeing sessions alongwith dedicated HR and management support.


Mohit James, Director, Human Resources, L’Oréal India said, “L’Oréal is committed to building a diverse and capable workforce.Having a child is a life-changing experience for both parents.  This policy empowers our employees to take advantage of the special bonding time with their child before returning back to work. We are excited and extremely proud to offer these benefits and advance our ability to attract and retain a high-performance workforce.”


L’Oréal aims to cater to the changing needs of its employees at various stages of life. It’s enhanced parental policy is a part of its people initiatives offered to ensure health and happiness in the workplace.


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