Profit after Tax up 47% YoY at INR 155 cr PAT CAGR of 37% for 5 years (ex-Insurance) Total Income up 18% YoY at INR 1,609 cr


Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, India’s leading diversified financial services company, declared its unaudited, limited reviewed results for the quarter ended 31st December 2016 today.

Q3FY17 Highlights:

  • Total Revenue INR 1,609 cr (INR 1,361 cr for Q3FY16), up 18%
  • Profit After Tax INR 155 cr (INR 106 cr for Q3FY16), up 47%
  • Profit After Tax excluding insurance INR 187 cr (INR 133 cr for Q3FY16), up 40%
  • Return on Equity excluding insurance for Q3 FY17 is 20.9% (18.5% for Q3FY16)
  • Asset Base of the company ~INR 37,200 cr
  • Group Equity INR 5,189 cr; Equity excluding insurance INR 4,379 cr
  • 9MFY17 Highlights:
  • Total Revenue ₹ 4,689 cr (₹ 3,777 cr for 9MFY16), up 24%
  • Profit After Tax ₹ 439 cr (₹ 293 cr for 9MFY16), up 50%
  • Profit After Tax excluding insurance ₹508 cr (₹364 cr for 9MFY16), up 39%


Edelweiss is a large financial services firm with presence in India’s most scalable and profitable sectors. Our various businesses address the needs of multiple client segments and demographics. During the last few years, several of Edelweiss’ “young” businesses have gained ground while the mature businesses have scaled up into sustainable business models with increased market share in their respective segments.

Edelweiss Financial Services was recognised for its Risk Management practices with Golden Peacock Award for Risk Management (GPARM). Edelweiss also won Best Corporate Governance – India at, UK, Corporate Governance Awards 2016.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rashesh Shah, Chairman and CEO, Edelweiss Financial Services Limited said:


“The FY18 Union Budget signalled the Government ‘s commitment to fiscal prudence. This has several positives for many of Edelweiss’s businesses. Giving infrastructure status for the construction of affordable homes, interest subsidies to first time buyers and tax cuts for SMEs and smaller income groups will build momentum for our housing and SME finance business. Our wealth business will benefit from the tax rebates for retail investors and the unchanged capital gains regimes. Our global asset management business will also benefit from the simplification of procedures and guidelines for international investors.


One positive outcome of demonetisation was benign inflation, making the transmission of interest rates easier and favouring our credit businesses. The shift to a cashless economy is a welcome tailwind that will propel domestic household savings into financial assets like equities, mutual funds and insurance. Edelweiss is uniquely positioned to benefit from this shift because of its significant presence in each of these sectors.

Our focus remains on improving capital and operating efficiency, achieving scale in retail businesses, ensuring sustainability in our performance, strengthening balance sheet, risk and compliance, nurturing leadership, building a customer-centric culture and leverage technology for future growth.”


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