Monjoy Joy Mukerji was invited for 57 th APPF Awards in Cambodia

The 57 th APPF Awards was held recently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 28th to 30 th July, 2017 and it has successfully concluded. The grand ceremony was a major success as delegates from over 20 countries attended this celebrated event.  Monjoy Joy Mukerji from Mumbai, India represented Bollywood and the Indian Film Industry and received warm and cordial welcome in Cambodia.The APPF awards had been instated 62 years ago and it was considered as almost at par with the Oscars . Monjoy said, “We all participating countries stand by it to strengthen and make it a success in the future.”
The Chairman is Shiyan Yang from China who is a renowned politician from  China and Suhan Pansha is the Vice President who is a senior Producer from Malaysia .
The coveted APPF Award Winners in the various categories are :
Unnamed (Bangladesh Film)
Reza Ragadian (Rudy Habbie Film from Indonesia)
Yulia Peresild (Sevestapol Film from Russia)
(Syamsul Yusof film named Munafik from Malaysia )

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