Alanna launches Mosquito Repellent – A Gentle Shield of Care for Kids

Alanna, a 100 % natural and 100 % Vegan skin care brand introduces its fresh line of Mosquito repellents with the goodness of calendula and garlic extracts. An ideal blend of essential oils and herbal extracts, it ensures protection against mosquitoes and other insects. An amour of nature’s protection, Alanna, stays true to its mark by using ingredients sourced frothe lap of Mother Nature.


Made from extracts of Calendula and garlic with potent insect repellent properties making it a complete natural product. Enriched with the natural goodness of Citronella oil, peppermint oil and lemongrass oil which are traditionally renowned as natural disinfectants of external wounds guard you against mosquito bites. Amla and Reetha held in high regard in Ayurveda are infused in exact quantities protecting your skin from blemishes. Rose oil which gives you bewitching fragrance and also enlivens your senses.


Conventional mosquito repellents often leave an undesired odor and stickiness as you apply them and also its effectiveness is confined to a specific locations, Alanna ensures that its user faces no such discomfort. The mosquito repellent by Alanna offers protection not only indoors but also outdoors. Babies who are more vulnerable to contact mosquito prone diseases are best protected by its use.


Packaged in easy-to-spray bottles, they can be used throughout your daily pursuits, with no hindrance. Please spray on the palm and rub it before applying on the skin. Alternatively, one can also spray in in the room. Certified by FDA and approved by PETA, like every Alanna product, the mosquito repellent is also Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and Cruelty-free.


Gleam in the goodness of Coconut & Saffron based Scrub by Alanna


                                                    100 % Natural | 100% Vegan


Treat your skin to the nourishment of nature with the all new desiccated coconut & Saffron based face & body scrub from Alanna, a 100% natural and vegan skincare brand. Perfect for gentle and everyday exfoliation, Alanna launches this powdered scrub as yet another blend of balanced ingredients sourced from the lap of Mother Nature, carefully curated to lend your skin evident and lasting therapeutic benefits.


Enriched with the beneficial properties of dried and shredded coconut, this scrub helps remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth and radiant skin. Deliciously aromatic, the sweet, lingering fragrance of desiccated coconut blended with the exotic sensory appeal of saffron & essential oils makes your skincare ritual a cherished sensory experience.


Coconut is widely known for being a rich source of vitamins and minerals like manganese, selenium and copper that intensively repairs the skin, leaving it soft & supple with repeated use. Saffron imbibes anti-bacterial qualities that are extensively impactful for curing acne. Also, an excellent exfoliator, Saffron works wonder on giving a brightening glow. It also provides anti-oxidant benefits that help to fight the fine-lines and wrinkles by delaying the ageing process of your skin.


For the Skin that faces everyday exposure to pollution and harshness of the sun, a perfect scrub for instant skin brightening and glow this winter. Treat yourself to this exotic creation made with desiccated coconuts and pure saffron that will leave your skin feeling smooth, bright and glowing, without robbing it of any moisture.


Just like every Alanna product, this scrub too is FDA and PETA Approved. It is also Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and Cruelty-free.


This collection is exclusively available on our website

FICCI launches ‘Business Schools Ratings’


FICCI Business Schools Rating aims to be India’s First Industry Focused Comprehensive Ratings of Business Schools that aims to define the roadmap for progress and enhancement of employability of management graduates


Management Education in India enjoys a high level of respect with graduating students aspiring better career options. The best and brightest students apply themselves vigorously in pursuit of MBA programs and there is a booming demand for professional managers.

Some of these programs also come under criticism for ranking low on management skills, leadership, innovation and ethics. The multiplicity and heterogeneity of the B-Schools in India makes it difficult for students to comprehend and assess a school’s standing before applying to an appropriate institution. With aspiring students across various disciplines including Engineering, Accounting, Science, Arts, Law & Medicine, there is a need to create transparency to an Institution’s rating across specializations, Industry focus & Interface, Innovation and Future Orientation.

We are all aware that the reputed and most recognized three Global Rankings – ARWU, QS and THE in their current form don’t consider some of the key objectives of our Indian Educational System. To add to the woe, almost every media agency publishes a ‘Business School Ranking’ thereby furthering the complexity for Stakeholders. The Management Schools Rankings of NIRF by MHRD has not helped either. Business Schools now run the risk that is currently being faced by Technical Institutions in the country that is constantly churning out of Unemployable Graduates whose skills are outdated.


To help bridge the gap in evaluation and in the process, FICCI in association with ICARE Ratings, have designed a framework that will gradually propel our Business Schools to the global arena. FICCI, as a preeminent and apex Industry body is well positioned to champion a cause – that will act as a competitive, objective and a global benchmark for our Indian Business Schools, to define the roadmap for progress and direction for competing globally.

The first meeting of the Governing Council, which had the participation of senior Industry leaders, was held on December 192017. The council deliberated upon the framework and suggested a road map for impactful implementation. An interactive meeting with few leading Business School leaders was also held to get their perspective on the subject.  FICCI is in the process of announcing the launch date of this rating exercise.


Double Celebration as Wagh Bakri Wins INDIASTAR 2017 Award for Two Tea Collections

The Wagh Bakri Tea Group has been a pioneer in sourcing the finest, most flavourful and aromatic teas from storied tea estates, for their valued customers. The cream of the crop is carefully curated and elegantly packaged for your drinking pleasure.

It is no wonder that Wagh Bakri Tea Group has just been awarded the INDIASTAR 2017, the highest recognition for excellence in packaging in India; as it speaks of their devotion to bringing the delights of tea, fresh to their customers. The Indian Institute of Packaging, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce, honored Wagh Bakri which exemplifies a gold standard in fine teas.

Open the gold-engraved, specially designed wooden box and your air of anticipation will be pleasantly rewarded as the Wagh Bakri Connoisseur Collectionshowcases 12 specialty packs of tea-bags encased in golden wrappings to delight the true tea-lover. As you press to open the easy magnetic lock, an assortment of 120 perfectly-packaged tea-bags with divine flavours, the aromas and the richness of teas created with love and expertise will enchant your senses. Wake up to green tea mint, lemon, ginger or cardamom tea or the popular “masala” chai… as your fancy dictates. Pamper your palate with earl grey tea or green tea Tulsi. Savour the experience of premium non-flavored teas: Premium Assam, Darjeeling, English breakfast, Classic Assam or green tea. Don’t settle for one tea, when you can indulge in the sheer luxury of drinking a new delight daily. This jewel of a box is a perfect gift: for who can resist the charms of tea in so many avatars?

Wagh Bakri has designed this beautiful, fold-outOrganic Tea Treasure Pack, which would adorn any corporate desk and make a fabulous gift. 3 composite packs of 100%Certified Organic Teas:Organic Darjeeling, Organic Darjeeling Green Tea and Organic Leaf Tea will thrill the discerning tea-lover.

Wagh Bakri Connoisseur Collection: 120 tea bags in an assortment of 12 flavours, making an elegant presentation, no matter what the occasion. It contains 12 packs of tea bags which include Flavoured – Cardamom, Ginger, Masala, Lemon, Earl Grey, Green Tea Mint, Green Tea Tulsi and Non-Flavoured – Premium Assam, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Classic Assam, Green Tea. It has 12 packs*10 tea bags each = 120 tea bags. Wooden 12 compartment box with internal partition, matt finish with gold engraving in front and inside Wagh Bakri logo printed on velvet fabric with magnetic locking for easy operation. Inner tea box is printed on FBB board with special gold colour for reducing the cost of imported paper. Outer pack is designed for easy carrying. The pack is constructed by E-Flute Carton with Matt Lamination and window punching.

Wagh Bakri 100% Certified Organic Tea Treasure Pack:Beautifully packed 3 composite packs of 100% Organic Certified Teas. This gift pack consists of 100% Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea, Organic Darjeeling Green Tea and Organic Leaf Tea. An ideal gift for your loved ones and can also go as an excellent corporate gift. Top outer box is made of KAPPA Board with matt lamination to match old British look. The special construction is very precise. Inside box which is made of foam material that helps the box to lock and special ribbon and magnetic lock for easy operation. Inside 100% Certified Organic Tea box is printed on 350 GSM FBB board with the metalized pet. The pack is printed with 6 colours. The pack is given UV finish texture to look more authentic. It has gloss UV with embossing done on the box to make it more attractive.

Insolvency Summit 2017

The Western India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organized Insolvency Summit 2017 on 29th December, 2017 at Hotel Taj, Santacruz, Mumbai. Shri M.V. Chakranaraynan, Regional Director, Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, Mr. S. Ravi, Chairman, Bombay Stock Exchange, Mr. Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director & CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange, Shri Pawan Kumar Bajaj, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, United Bank of India,  Chairman of WIRC CA Vishnu Agarwal, Office Bearers of WIRC, CA. G. Ramaswamy, Past President- ICAI, CA Uttamprakash J. Agarwal, Past President- ICAI, CA Subodh Agarwal, Past President- ICAI, CA. Sunil Talati, Past President- ICAI, addressed more than 500 chartered accountants.

Carnival Cinemas launches ‘MoviEcard @ just Rs. 149/- per month’ for the first time in India

The MoviEcard allows users to watch one movie a day ~

from Monday to Thursday for 30 days 
 ~ MoviEcard gives movie goers access to over 300 screens ~

 Across 104 Carnival Cinemas in 80 cities 
Mumbai, 18th December, 2017: Carnival Cinemas has launched MoviEcard, India’s first ever revolutionary new movie subscription service for movie theatres which is available at just Rs. 149/-.  The MoviEcard allows user to watch one movie a day from Monday to Thursday for 30 days revolutionizing and elevating the movie-going experience for all movie lovers. The MoviEcard is the ultimate accessory for all die-hard movie fans who love the magic of motion pictures on the big screen, giving its users access to 300 screens across 104 Carnival Cinemas in India. With new screens being constantly added thanks to the chain’s focused aggressive expansion, movie goers will have even more locations to choose from in the future. 
MoviEcard created and launched by Carnival Cinemas is India’s first ever revolutionary new movie subscription service for movie theatres. With the MoviEcard, Carnival has raised the bar on innovation, encouraging consumers to come back to the movie theatres. Carnival Cinemas, aims to ‘democratize movie viewing experience’ by making it accessible to all movie lovers across the country. The intent is to be able to offer month long cinema entertainment at the cost of a single movie ticket.
Dr. Shrikant Bhasi, Chairman and Founder, Carnival Group said, “We’re a nation where movies are a way of life! The introduction of the new MoviEcard is for the sole purpose to allow consumers to enjoy the thrill of cinema on the format that it was meant to be experienced on, without breaking the bank. With MoviEcard we have demonstrated that we will continue to grow with innovation and consumer focused initiatives.”
Dina Mukherjee, CEO and Director, MoviEcard Sales Pvt Ltd, firmly believes that, “MoviEcard is a unique program, that intends to shift the audience from 5” screens to the real magic of 70mm silver screens. Our intent is for every Indian to be able to watch all new releases and every movie lover to have a MoviEcard allowing them to enjoy their favorite stars in all their cinematic glory. The card has been designed to integrate all aspects of entertainment including F&B with nominal costs so that everyone can enjoy the movie experience, all this and more at the cost of ONE MOVIE TICKET.”

ओढ’ चित्रपटाचे संगीत अनावरण संपन्न  

आजच्या तरुणाईला आवडतील असे कथाविषय मराठी चित्रपटांमध्ये आवर्जून दिसू लागले आहेत. मैत्रीचे वेगळे रूप दर्शवणारा ओढ हा चित्रपट १९ जानेवारीला प्रेक्षकांच्या भेटीला येणार असून या मराठी चित्रपटाचा संगीत अनावरण सोहळा नुकताच मुंबईत संपन्न झाला. याप्रसंगी चित्रपटाचा ट्रेलर व गीताची झलक दाखवण्यात आली. कलाकारांच्या रंगतदार लाइव्ह परफॉर्मन्सने या सोहळ्यात चांगलेच रंग भरले. सोनाली एन्टरटेन्मेंट हाऊसची प्रस्तुती तसंच एस. आर. तोवर यांची निर्मिती असलेल्या ओढ मैत्रीतील अव्यक्त भावना चे दिग्दर्शन नागेश दरक व एस. आर. तोवर यांनी केले आहे.तरुणाईच्या ओठावर सहज रुळतील अशी वेगवेगळ्या जॉनरची चार गीते यात असून हा सुरेल नजराणा प्रेक्षकांना निश्चित आवडेल असा विश्वास निर्मात्यांनी याप्रसंगी व्यक्त केला. तसेच उपस्थित सर्व कलाकारांनी निर्मात्यांनी दिलेल्या संधीबद्दल त्यांचे आभार मानले.

संजाली रोडे लिखित ‘निरंतर राहू दे’ हे गाणं स्वप्नील बांदोडकरनेहा राजपाल यांनी गायले आहे. कौतुक शिरोडकर यांचे ‘नाचू बिनधास्त’ हे धमाकेदार गाणं आदर्श शिंदे,वैशाली माडे यांनी स्वरबद्ध केले आहे. ‘ना जाने क्या हुआ है’ हे अभय इनामदार यांनी लिहिलेलं गाणं रोहित राऊत व आनंदी जोशी यांनी गायले आहे. जो दिल से किसी को’ हे सुफी सॉंग कुकू प्रभास यांनी लिहिले असून जावेद अली यांनी ते आपल्या आर्त स्वरात गायलं आहे. संगीतकार प्रवीण कुवर यांचा संगीतसाज या गीतांना लाभला आहे.

मैत्रीप्रेम दर्शवणारी ‘ओढ’ मैत्रीच्या नात्याला कोणत्या वळणावर घेऊन जाणार?याची रंजक कहाणी या चित्रपटात मांडण्यात आली आहे. गणेश तोवर आणि  उल्का गुप्ता ही नवी जोडी या चित्रपटातून आपल्या समोर येणार आहे. सोबत  मोहन जोशी,भाऊ कदमभारत गणेशपुरेशशिकांत केरकरजयवंत भालेकरराहुल चिटनाळे,आदित्य आळणेसचिन चौबेशीतल गायकवाडतेजस्विनी खताळमृणाल कुलकर्णी आदि कलाकारांच्या भूमिका आहेत. कथा व पटकथा दिनेश सिंग ठाकूर यांनी लिहिली असूनत्यांनीच गणेश कदम आणि दर्शन सराग यांच्यासोबत संवादलेखन केलं आहे. या चित्रपटाचं छायांकन रविकांत रेड्डी व संकलन समीर शेख यांनी केलं आहे.

१९ जानेवारीला ‘ओढ’ प्रदर्शित होणार आहे.