Ziox Mobiles announces ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ as its Brand Ambassador along with Rs. 300cr investment for FY17 -18

Sushant Singh Rajput -Brand Ambassador of Ziox Mobiles

·         Launches its newest Mobile phone ‘Ziox Duopix’

·         Forays into LED TV and Consumer Durables Segment

·         Plans to open 2 new manufacturing units and R&D facilities with investment of Rs. 200cr.

·         Plans a 360-degree marketing campaign with a budget of Rs. 100 Cr.

Mumbai, 9th August, 2017:​ 

In the light of its vigorous expansion, Ziox Mobiles under the aegis of Sun Air voice Pvt Ltd, one of the fastest growing Mobile handsets brand, ropes in the very versatile, Sushant Singh Rajput, as its Brand endorser who truly lives up to the brand name. 


While Ziox mobiles is a preferred brand across the country through its outstanding innovation and quality, the other has won the hearts of a million Indians as he slips into any role with nonchalance. Both the brand and its ambassador ride on the precepts of resilience, hard work and steady growth. A rare blend of energy, perseverance, and popularity coupled with his ability to connect to people, Sushant Singh Rajput is a fine addition to the Ziox Mobiles family. This association will further boost the legacy of Ziox Mobiles as the actor resonates to the brand promise: Quality that Speaks.

Answering strong demand and an overwhelming response from the Indian market, Ziox Mobiles also chalked out a detailed expansion plan and the roadmap for FY 2017-2018.The Brand aims to establish a stronger foothold in the Indian Market, with the total investment of over Rs. 200crore which shall span for a year, the Brand announced its plan to set up 2 new manufacturing units (in Sikkim and Noida) and R&D facilities apart from the existing New Delhi unit, with a holding capacity of around 1 Million units per Month. With the induction of Sushant Singh Rajput as its brand endorser along with the total investment of Rs. 100 Cr. this FY 2017-2018, Ziox aims to achieve an estimated revenue of Rs. 1,000 Cr and a sale of 10 million product units.

Commenting on this association and a promising future, Mr. Deepak Kabu, CEO Ziox Mobiles said “The future looks bright, Ziox Mobiles has a range of phones in the pipeline with exciting new launches. We are enthralled to present Sushant Singh Rajput as the new face of Ziox Mobiles. With Sushant Singh Rajput on board, it will help augment sales and further its reach in the market. The partnership with him is timed with Ziox Mobiles’ next phase of expansion on a pan-India level”

Mr. Kabu further adds, “Sushant embodies talent, youthfulness and style. More importantly, he blends well with the core values of hard work, reliability, and is the epitome of our brand philosophy. Today our target audience is the young, driven, forward-moving generation, who have ever changing needs. Sushant understands the pulse of this audience well and has a great rapport with them. That is why, with immense preparation, he goes on to entertain his fans with one performance after another just as Ziox Mobiles constantly strives to understand the changing needs of its customers.”

Speaking on the association, Sushant Singh Rajput said, “I have always known Ziox Mobiles to be an inspirational brand in terms of their persuasion to becomes India’s biggest mobile brand. I am happy to be associated with a brand which is very young, and has a journey that is very similar to mine. I love how this brand designs its products to suit every need of its customers and are constantly innovating themselves as I see myself doing that while working on a role. I look forward to being part of the Ziox Mobiles family and to contribute to its fascinating growth journey in India.”

The ever-evolving brand has slated a major strategic transformation that entails the signing of a new brand endorser, an aggressive expansion and launches of it new products.

The Brand at the event also announced the launch of its newest smartphone Series ‘Duopix”, Phone Series with Dual Cameras. Designed to fulfil the brand promise of providing users with superior camera performance and quality, ‘Duopix’ comes equipped with wide angle Dual front camera (8.0MP + 2.0) front +8.0MP Rear. The latest Dual 4G model runs on Android 7.0, with 5inch HD IPS Display along with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM all packed in 2500mAh battery. Some of the key features includes strong battery life & also the fast charging capability. The budget friendly Smartphone comes equipped with various other features like 21 language support with multilingual phonebook, MP3 player, FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity to help you stay connected. The phone will be available across all retail stores in few week’s time.

Along with the smartphones, the brand also announces its foray into LED TVS and Consumer Durables category.

WABAG announce Q1 FY 18 Results Consolidated Revenue up by 15% Consolidated EBITDA & PAT up by 52% and 61% respectively



Mumbai, Aug16, 2017: VA TECH WABAG LIMITED, a leading Indian Multinational Company in the water sector announced today its financial results for the quarter ended 30th June, 2017.



  • Consolidated Revenue up by 15% to Rs. 669 crore
  • Consolidated EBITDA up by 52% to Rs 42 crore
  • Consolidated PAT up by 61% to 8.4 crore
  • Order intake of more than Rs. 700 crore
  • Order Book of over Rs. 8,250 crore including Framework contracts of about

Rs. 860 crore.

Commenting on the results, Mr. Rajiv Mittal, Managing Director, VA TECH WABAG LIMITED said, “I am very happy to have kick started the year with a good repeat order from Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). The executions on all projects are happening at a good pace and we look forward to another good year in terms of overall growth.”


The major order won recently is a INR 386 Crore Design, Build and Operate order from the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) for a 150 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at K&C Valley in Bengaluru. WABAG will design and build this plant to meet the recent stringent guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) policy mechanism.  The plant will be designed based on Activated Sludge Process with Biological Nutrient Removal System and Power Generation.  Post construction of the STP, WABAG will also operate and maintain the plant for a period of 10 years.  This plant will help to protect and improve upon the natural environmental resources in the vicinity of Bellandur Lake in Bengaluru.


About WABAG: Around the world, the WABAG name stands for innovative and successful solutions in the water engineering sector. As an internationally respected expert group, we act as a systems specialist and full service provider with a focus on the planning, installation and operation of drinking and wastewater plants for local government and industry in the growth markets of Asia, North Africa, Middle East, the Central and Eastern Europe states. The WABAG Group represents a leading multinational player with a workforce of over 1,600 and has companies and offices in more than 20 countries. It disposes over unique technological know-how, based on innovative, patented technologies and long-term experience. Since 1995, WABAG has completed over 900 water and wastewater plants worldwide. Through the conservation and ecological use of the world’s most valuable resource, WABAG has made a sustained contribution to an improvement in the quality of life of well over a hundred million people. WABAG is thus one of the world’s leading partners for investments in a future that is worth living.

Microsoft announces the Coco Framework for blockchain networks to improve performance, confidentiality, and governance of enterprises


Blockchain technology is generating significant interest across a wide range of industries in India. As the field of applications for Blockchain grows, Microsoft is continuously working with customers, partners and the blockchain community to continue advancing blockchain’s enterprise readiness. Keeping in line with this, Microsoft announced its new Coco Framework, a first-of-its-kind innovation that aims to advance enterprise adoption of blockchain. Blockchain is a transformational technology with the ability to significantly reduce the friction of doing business. Coco is the foundation of blockchain for the enterprise. It addresses key elements that businesses are demanding.


Current blockchain protocol technology requires complicated development techniques to meet the operational and security needs of enterprises. The Coco Framework reduces this complexity and when integrated with popular blockchain protocols like Ethereum or Corda, Coco addresses and improves on critical needs for commercial blockchain applications including high transaction speed (faster by roughly 100 times), distributed governance (network constitution that allows members to vote) and confidentiality (without compromising performance). Coco by design is open and compatible with any ledger protocol and can operate in the cloud and on premises. Initial ledger integration partners include R3Intel and JP Morgan Chase, which have agreed to integrate their proprietary blockchain ledger platforms with the Coco Framework.


Coco provides foundational capabilities that open up more complex, real world blockchain scenarios across industries – like financial services, healthcare and retail – further proving blockchain’s potential to digitally transform business. Microsoft will launch the framework on GitHub in 2018 as an open source project.


Blockchain in India is ready to be taken to the next level. Recently, Microsoft was selected as the exclusive cloud partner by BankChain, a platform for banks in India (comprising State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, DCB Bank, Kotak Bank, Bank of Baroda, Deutsche Bank, and others) to explore, build, and implement blockchain solutions using Microsoft Azure Blockchain.


For more information, you can view the Microsoft Press Release. You can also read more and view a demo about the workings of the Coco Framework in an Azure Blog as well as a new Whitepaper from Microsoft on GitHub. Let me know if you have any questions.

नयनरम्य लोकेशन्सवर चित्रीत ‘काय झालं कळंना…’



काही गाणी गीत-संगीतामुळे लोकप्रिय होताततर काही त्यातील कलाकारांच्या लोकप्रियतेमुळे…. तर काही कोरिओग्राफीमुळे…पण काही गाणी मात्र सादरीकरण आणि नयनरम्य लोकेशन्समुळेही रसिकांच्या मनाचा ठाव घेण्यात यशस्वी होतात. सुरेख सादरीकरण आणि नेत्रसुखद लोकेशन्स यांचा अचूक मिलाफ असलेलं काय झालं कळंना या चित्रपटातील काय झालं कळंना… हे नवं कोरं गाणं लवकरच रसिकांच्या भेटीला येणार आहे. श्री धनलक्ष्मी प्रोडक्शन प्रा. लि. प्रस्तुत व पंकज गुप्ता यांची निर्मिती असलेल्या काय झालं कळंना या चित्रपटात एक प्रेमकथा पहायला मिळणार आहे.

प्रेमकथेला सुमधूर गीत-संगीताची जोड दिल्यास ती रसिकांच्या मनावर अधिराज्य गाजवण्यात यशस्वी होते. काय झालं कळंना या चित्रपटातील प्रेमकथेलाही दिग्दर्शिका सुचिता शब्बीर यांनी कर्णमधुर गीतांची किनार जोडली असून  कोरिओग्राफर सुजीत कुमार यांच बहारदार नृत्यदिग्दर्शन याकरिता लाभलं आहे. काय झालं कळंना… हे गाणं त्यांनी महाराष्ट्रातील विविध नयनरम्य लोकेशन्सवर चित्रीत केलं आहे. यात खंडाळा, लोणावळा,ताम्हिणीमुळशी, पुणे, खेडशिवापूर, सातारा, वाई, कराड, कोल्हापूरजोतिबा, वसई तसंच मुंबईमधील वेगवेगळ्या लोकेशन्सचा समावेश आहे. माधुरी आशीरघडे यांनी लिहिलेल्या गीताला संगीतकार पंकज पडघन यांनी स्वरसाज चढवला आहे. काय झालं कळंना… हे आपलं फेव्हरेट साँग असूनमराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीत हिट ठरेल असं पंकज मानतात. दुनियादारीया चित्रपटातील टिक टिक वाजते डोक्यात…’ या गाण्यानंतर काय झालं कळंना… हे गाणंही रसिकांच्या पसंतीस उतरेल आणि काय झालं कळंनाच्या आमच्या टिमला मोठं यश मिळेल अशी आशा पंकज यांनी व्यक्त केली आहे. 

रोहित राऊत आणि सायली पंकज यांनी हे रोमँटिक द्वंद्वगीत गायलं आहे. कोरिओग्राफर सुजीत यांनी या गाण्याची कोरिओग्राफी केली असून,सुरेश देशमाने यांनी छायांकन केलं आहे. अरुण नलावडेसंजय खापरे,वंदना वाकनीसगिरीजा प्रभूकल्पना जगतापस्वप्नील काळेश्रद्धा सुर्वे,हेमाली कारेकर या कलाकारांनी या चित्रपटात भूमिका साकारल्या आहेत.काय झालं कळंनाची कथा सुचिता शब्बीर यांची असूनपटकथा किरण कुलकर्णी व पल्लवी करकेरा यांची आहे. राहुल मोरे यांनी या चित्रपटाचं संवाद लेखन केलं आहे. शब्बीर पुनावाला चित्रपटाचे कार्यकारी निर्माते आहेत.

Nivaan Sen Wins Hearts As Judge At A College Event !


It was a memorable moment for the students of Malad Kandivli Education Society’s Nagindas Khandwala College of Commerce, Arts and Management Studies and Shantaben Nagindas Khandwala College of Science for the College ‘s Intra College Cultural Festival called AAGMAN 2017. They had invited the versatile and talented Bollywood and TV star Nivaan Sen who was invited as Judge for AAGMAN 2017.
Nivaan judged the participants of the celebrated Fashion Show and he admired the professionalism, poise and elegance of the fashion show contestants.
Nivaan Sen even served as an inspiration for the participants as well as audience.
He even motivated everyone with his galvanizing presence on stage as well as when he was judging the Fashion Show at this event.
The Principal Dr.Mrs.Ancy Hose even appreciated Nivaan Sen’s
vibrant and memorable presence.
Nivaan Sen Gave Up His Passion For Sports for Acting!
The renowned model turned actor, Nivaan Sen is popularly known for his performances in TV serials. He has been appreciated for his performances in ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara’ and ‘Do Hanson Ka Jodaa’. Apart from acting, Nivaan is also a sports lover which very few of us know. Yup, Nivaan’s love for sports was evident from his childhood days where he liked to play Boxing in his school days. However, due to his mother’s unfortunate death in his childhood he got detached from the things which he loved and boxing was one of them … As he grew he later started having interest in Football where he used to play football in professional clubs in Uttar Pradesh. Eventually Nivaan developed interest in athletics as he felt lack of scope in football … He used to initially run for 100 m and 200 m sprint . Well, also interestingly Nivaan has also been sports champion at District level and State level too…
Simultaneously, as Nivaan was into acting and theatre his focus moved to his acting profession leaving behind sports . Although he was passionate for sports he couldn’t focus more due to his acting career at a later stage … But still his passion is as fresh for sports as it used to be and presently he is still active in cross fit , weight training and running activities ..
   This chocolate boy Nivaan Sen is also inspired by many sports champions. Nivaan admires footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi. Talking about Boxing he admires former boxing champion Mike Tyson. Also in his school days he was inspired by athletic champions like Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis. Amongst recent sportsmen, Nivaan is a die hard fan of sprinter Usain Bolt .
Not only this but on the acting front also Nivaan is fond of working in sports related projects. Recently , he has completed shooting for a sports based film titled ‘ Saat Kadam’  wherein he plays  the role of a footballer . The film will be tentatively released this year. Nivaan had also worked in Sony TV’s daily soap Aathvaan Vachan’s sports track. Besides these, Nivaan is also aspiring to do sports related films in future. He is also keen to host sports based shows and projects if he gets a chance to.  Thus Nivaan is a true sports lover who had developed his passion for sports in childhood. Let’s hope to see him  in sports projects soon …
Nivaan was seen recently at an event for the Youth as the Judge for AAGMAN 2017, a Intra College Cultural Event.

Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017 Union Bank of India.

01-Press Meet Q1 17-18.JPG

The Board of Directors of Union Bank of India today approved the accounts of the

Bank for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017.

Key Highlights

CASA 25.1 per cent YoY

Non Interest Income ` ` 1414 crore

(up 36 per cent YoY)

Savings Deposit 27.6 per cent YoY


Operating Profit ` ` 2057 crore


(up 26.5 per cent YoY)

CASA Share 35.5 per cent

Profit ` 117 crore

(up 7.3 per cent QoQ)

RAM* Sector 14.8 per cent YoY

CRAR 12.01 per cent

RAM* Share 55.4 per cent


Tier I 9.24 per cent

. The growth in Deposits was driven by Savings Deposits, which grew by 27.6 per cent

on YoY basis.

. Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent against 48.28 per cent on YoY basis.

. Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) improved to 12.01 per cent compared to 10.75 per

cent a year ago.

* (Retail, Agriculture & MSME share in domestic advances)


Global Business grew by 10.5 per cent to `670971 crore as on June 30, 2017 from

`607280 crore as on June 30, 2016. Domestic business grew by 10.0 per cent to `635233

crore as on June 30, 2017 from `577473 crore as on June 30, 2016.

Total deposit of the bank grew from `338727 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `375796 crore

as on June 30, 2017 showing growth of 10.9 per cent.

CASA deposits grew by 25.1 per cent to `133412 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `106604

crore as on June 30, 2016.


CASA share in total deposits improved to 35.5 per cent as on June 30, 2017 compared to

31.5 per cent as on June 30, 2016. Average CASA ratio also increased by 430 basis points

(bps) to 33.5 per cent on YoY basis.

Savings Deposit registered YoY growth of 27.6 per cent.

A total of 8.70 lakh CASA accounts were opened during April-June 2017, out of which

8.38 lakh were Savings Bank Accounts (excl. BSBDA/BSBDS accounts).

The Bank’s Global Advances grew by 9.9 per cent (YoY) to `295175 crore as on June 30,

2017 from `268553 crore as on June 30, 2016.

Due to encouraging growth of 14.8 per cent in RAM (Retail, Agriculture & MSME) sector,

Domestic Advances increased by 9.4 per cent from `242935 crore as on June 30, 2016 to

`265683 crore as on June 30, 20

Financial Performance for the quarter ended June 2017

Domestic Net Interest Margin (NIM) stood at 2.20 per cent for April -June 2017 as against

2.36 per cent for April -June 2016. Global NIM for April -June 2017 stood at 2.06 per

cent as against 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017 quarter. It was 2.28 per cent a

year ago.


Yield on funds stood at 6.94 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 7.94 per cent for

April-June 2016 and 7.35 per cent for January-March 2017

Cost of funds stood at 5.03 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 5.82 per cent for

April-June 2016 and 5.24 per cent for January-March 2017.

Net Interest Income for April-June 2017 increased by 6.7 per cent to `2243 crore from

`2103 crore for April-June 2016. It was `2387 crore during January-March 2017.

Non Interest Income for April-June 2017 stood at `1414 crore, showing increase of 36.0

per cent over April-June 2016.

Operating profit increased by 26.5 per cent to `2057 crore during April-June 2017 over

`1626 crore during April-June 2016 and was `2134 crore during January-March 2017.

Net Profit for April-June 2017 sequentially increased to `117 crore from `109 crore in

January-March 2017.

Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent for April -June 2017 from 48.28 per

cent for April-June 2016 and it was 44.32 per cent for January-March 2017.

Return on average assets (annualised) stood at 0.10 per cent for April-June 2017 as

against 0.17 per cent for April-June 2016 and 0.10 per cent for January-March 2017.

Return on equity (annualised) stood at 2.46 per cent in April -June 2017 as against 3.36

per cent for April -June 2016 and 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017.

Earnings per share (annualised) stood at `6.78 in April -June 2017 as against `9.69 for

April -June 2016 and `6.33 for January-March 2017.

Asset Quality

Gross NPA stood at 12.63 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.17 per cent as on

March 31, 2017 and 10.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.

Net NPA ratio stood at 7.47 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 6.57 per cent as on

March 31, 2017 and 6.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.

Provision Coverage Ratio stood at 51.13 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 51.41

per cent as on March 31, 2017. It was 49.99 per cent as on June 30, 2016.

Capital Adequacy

Capital Adequacy ratio of the Bank under Basel III improved to 12.01 per cent as on June

30, 2017 as against 11.79 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.75 per cent as on June


The Tier I ratio as of June 30, 2017 is 9.24 per cent, within which Common Equity Tier 1

ratio is 7.73 per cent compared to regulatory minimum of 6.75 per cent.

Digital Initiatives

The Bank has been pioneer in taking various digital initiatives and continuously launched

various digital products for enhancing the customer services. Following are some of the key

achievements during the quarter:

66 per cent growth in mobile banking users on YoY basis.

U-Mobile transaction volume doubled from June 2016.

90 per cent growth in number of PoS terminals on YoY basis.

7th largest presence in banking industry and 3rd largest presence amongst all PSU banks

within short span of time in Social media.

Trendsetter on Social media channels by taking various initiatives like Live streaming,

Digital Education Series – #KyaAapJanteHai etc.

67 per cent share of “transactions through digital channels” in “overall transactions”.

Financial Inclusion:

Under the Pradhan Manrti Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), the the Bank has more than 69

lakh accounts having a balance of `1270 crore.

48.91 lakh Rupay Card issued under PMJDY as on June 30, 2017.

Total enrollment under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri

Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Atal Pension Yojana (APJ) increased to 30.1

lakh, 12.8 lakh and 2.21 lakh respectively.


The Bank financed `696 crore in 33433 accounts under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana,

including an amount of `211 crore to 7964 beneficiaries through a specific scheme for

financing of light commercial vehicle during April–June 2017.


सागरीका घाटगेचा मराठमोळा डाव



‘चक दे इंडिया’ या गाजलेल्या चित्रपटाद्वारे रुपेरी पडद्यावर आगमन करीत पदार्पणातच लक्ष वेधून घेण्यात यशस्वी झालेली मराठमोळी अभिनेत्री सागरीका घाटगे पुन्हा एका मराठी चित्रपटामुळे लाइमलाईटमध्ये आली आहे. हिंदीसोबतच मराठीतही अभिनय करणारी सागरीका डाव या आगामी चित्रपटाद्वारे मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीत पुनरागमन करीत आहे. ‘प्रेमाची गोष्ट’या चित्रपटानंतर डाव हा सागरीकाचा दुसरा मराठी चित्रपट आहे.


नितीन उपाध्याय यांनी ऑडबॉल मोशन पिक्चर्सच्या बॅनरखाली डावची निर्मिती केली असून, कनिष्क वर्मा यांनी या चित्रपटाचं दिग्दर्शन केलं आहे. या सस्पेंस-थ्रीलरपटाची कथा-पटकथा कनिष्क वर्मा यांनीच लिहिली आहे. संवाद योगेश मार्कंडे यांनी लिहिले आहेत तर मंगेश धाकडे यांचे पार्श्वसंगीत या चित्रपटाला लाभले आहे. मराठी चित्रपट रसिकांना सायको किलिंगचा अनुभव देणाऱ्या डावमध्ये सागरीकाने मुख्य भूमिका साकारली असून, आजवर साकारलेल्या व्यक्तिरेखांपेक्षा या चित्रपटातील भूमिका खूपच वेगळी आहे. इतर जॉनरच्या चित्रपटांच्या तुलनेत मराठीमध्ये थ्रीलरपटांची संख्या फार कमी असून, डाव हा चित्रपट त्यांची उणीव नक्की भरून काढणारा असेल असे सागरिका मानते.


आशयघन कथानक, अर्थपूर्ण संवादलेखन, सहजसुंदर अभिनय, प्रसंगानुरूप पार्श्वसंगीत आणि त्याला साजेसं सादरीकरण या सर्वांचा मिलाफ घडवणाराडाव लवकरच प्रेक्षकांच्या भेटीला येणार आहे.